Yamaha R-N602 Review – Is It Worth It?

Yamaha R-N602 is a work of art. It provides all of the traditional features you would expect and also introduces cutting-edge technology that we require for today’s digital sources.

In this Yamaha R-N602 review, we assess all of its features, sound quality, design and build. This stereo receiver is one of the best in the market for its price range and for what you pay, you get a tonne of added benefits that that help beat its competitors

The Yamaha R-N602 features a modern all-black design with lots of new tech such as ‘Pure Direct’ and ‘MusicCast’. It has the exact audio quality and connectivity that you require for serious a home theatre experience.

Minimalist, Modern Design

Yamaha R-N602

The Yamaha R-N602 has a black chrome minimalist design. It looks innovative in front of most traditional, outdated stereo receivers. 

If you have checked R-N402, you won’t find any major difference. The Yamaha Company has discontinued R-N402 and it appears that they have replaced it with R-N602. The color is almost the same and the placement of knobs and buttons is quite similar too. Just the audio inputs and speaker connections on the back are placed in a tad different manner.

The professional manufacturers of this model worked specifically on internal design. When we open its case and assess the internal components, we find that the internal design is focused on utilizing simple, direct transmission of the signals.

This internal design benefits in two major ways.

  • It ensures optimum separation and elimination of noise and distortion.
  • It fully protects the audio signals from noise and vibrations.

If you have a tad knowledge about the internal mechanism of a stereo receiver, you can easily perceive how all the parts inside Yamaha R-N602 work together to provide the absolute best sound possible.

Besides, when you compare its internal mechanism with other models in the market, there is a clear difference between the quality of the parts and materials. The parts of R-N602 have been carefully selected and tested by the professional manufacturers of Yamaha.

For example, the circuit design of this model is ART (Anti-Resonance And Tough).

For its construction, they have used reinforced casing and damp support base. The sturdy casing protects it against the air particles and keeps the internal circuit safe, whereas the damp support base is used to reduce the mechanical vibration.

This design and construction assists in improving the sound quality as well, since when there is no vibration, there is ultimate audio purity.

You can feel the precision and detail of the sound; it feels like you are sitting in a cinema. Every note is immensely clear and bright.

To make the design more incredible, they have introduced a ‘Pure Direct Switch’. It is hard to see this addition in a stereo receiver, as it makes the entire unit expensive. Though, luckily, it is offered as a gift without challenging your pocket. The pure direct switch gives even more detailed sound by bypassing the tone and balance controls.

All in all, it is a multi-room system in one design.

Sound Quality

It is a full-featured, excellent-sounding stereo receiver.

Assessing the character of the Yamaha R-N602 sound isn’t easy since it has the finest details. Every scene has its presence that you feel rather clearly.

For example, if you are watching a horror movie or listening to a thrilling track, the sound will become very airy and it will have a bit cold presentation that will inject sensation in your veins.

Similarly, if the track is romantic, softening in the sentences will become more visible and the rich notes will be dynamic and warm.

As we have mentioned before, the ‘Pure Direct Technology’ adds details in the sound too; it gives the best sound quality Yamaha has been capable of.

This technology removes all the harmonic distortions and separations that often kill the depth and doesn’t let us relish the music.

However, Yamaha R-N602 has another great factor that assists ‘Pure Direct Technology’ on a grand scale – ‘The Loudness Control System’. This system isn’t like volume, bass, or treble controls. Its main function is to compensate for the loss of bass and high-frequency response. If it is hard to understand, compare its low-volume sound quality with other stereo receivers. You will notice how it controls the volume in a more precise way.

It doesn’t let the frequency response die when the notes are in low-range.

Instead, it continuously adjusts them and brings out more bass and frequency response. 

People who use small speakers will particularly feel a major difference in the low-range, as it will shorten the signal route and improve the overall sound purity because of its perfectly symmetrical left and right channels.

For great sound quality, always use two pairs of speakers in A+B mode. You can use them separately or simultaneously. But when you use them in a pair, the lows and highs of the sound remain untouched while the mid-range is emphasized that gives convincing advantage in all sound levels and types.

Want to know the overall listening impression in A+B mode?

  • Low-Range: Responsive and tight sound quality.
  • Mid-Range: Renders human’s voice exceptionally well.
  • High-Range: The sound stays precise and soft.

Experts recommend Viard Audio Silver HD12 cables for the connection between the receiver and the speakers, however, you can use the standard Ethernet cable for the local network too.

If you ever run into any issues with sound on your Yamaha receiver, this article may help.

This not only detects the devices at once but also allows you to listen to FLAC files and DSD files without any trouble.

MusicCast Technology

Source: Yamaha

MusicCast Technology is ‘Wireless’ in every way.

It is wireless streaming-audio, multi-room audio, stereo, etc. Therefore, it is a game-changer element in the 21st century, and Yamaha uses it to stay ahead of the game.

Most people think it is a new technology in Yamaha’s stereo systems, but this isn’t the case. Yamaha first introduced it in 2003 and called it a multi-room system. The concept was a bit too revolutionary at that time, music lovers didn’t comprehend it well. But now it is the dominating factor in the stereo systems and it is launched by every other manufacturer.

The reason why Yamaha is ahead in the game is first ‘Experience’, and second, they brought it back in an entirely new form.

Due to the MusicCast Technology, there is a possibility in their stereo to enjoy a wide range of online music streaming services. It also allows you to listen to all audio files that are connected to your home network.

All you need is to have a smartphone in hand and play any track from your favorite streaming service or home network. It is compatible with all popular services like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, SiriusXM, etc.

Moreover, there are so many ways to get to your favorite content – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smartphone Memory Card, etc.

Bear in mind, it is pertinent to install the ‘MusicCast Controller Mobile App’ first. This app facilitates you in tuning your R-N602 receiver into internet radio stations and also connects it to the DLNA servers. 

The app is available for both Androids and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The Yamaha R-N602 comes with the remote too, but if you have the MusicCast Controller Mobile App in your smartphone, it can successfully replace the remote. It can be used to turn the receiver on and off and also adjust the volume settings.

Apart from this, it has some other benefits as well:

  • It allows you to link different rooms.
  • It lets you customize your music.
  • It supports all streaming and traditional content.

What Wi-Fi bands does this technology support? 

Many people flood us with this question as they want to know which Wi-Fi bands it supports. Well, this question is associated with the product, not the app. And, all products are Wi-Fi supported, especially if they are capable of operating on a 2.4 GHz or support 5 GHz.

The app, on the other hand, performance better within a single room, but if your stereo receiver is operating on 2.4 GHz, it can easily work on the low frequencies and offer more reach through walls. If you want to extend its limit, count on the Wi-Fi boosters and extenders. 

They are widely available in the market and greatly improve the Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

Here is a general overview of MusicCast.

Performance & Connectivity

The overall performance of the Yamaha R-N602 is amazing.

And, it is not due to the brand name only; lots of factors play an important in making this stereo receiver an award-winning product.

For instance, the power and amplification of this model are rated at 80 watts per channel with a 0.4 THD. The THD is the measurement of the total harmonic distortion which is usually present in the stereo receiver. The acceptable national standard THD is 3% for any single harmonic, which means if Yamaha R-N602 is at 0.4 THD, it is a million times better in performance.

Also, the 80 watts per channel into 2 channels shows that it has exceptional power to fill a small or medium-sized room and give cinematic experience.

Another great feature that elevates its overall performance is the ‘Digital to Analog Conversion’. 

This feature is entrusted to the Texas Instrument Company; they used a DSD 1791 chip that works on the PCM stream with parameters of 24bit/192 kHz. Furthermore, one of four analog inputs of this model is paired up with an RIAA preamplifier. 

It means with the help of MM cartridge, one can connect the receiver to a record player.

Keep in mind, it has a total of three sets of analog stereo inputs, the fourth one is the USB Type-A input. Customers and the company also often mix it with the analog stereo input. In reality, it has a different purpose.

The USB Type-A input allows the receiver to play different files which are stored on USB flash drives. Remember that it only accepts those hard drives that don’t exceed the power consumption of 5W. This can be a drawback, especially if you have a powerful drive.

When we check the digital inputs, it has two – ‘Digital Optical’ and ‘Digital Coaxial’.

Both accept two-channel PCM. With these inputs, you can connect all important things, such as HD TV, Blu-Ray Player, or Set-Top Box.

If you are connecting your TV with these digital inputs for extraordinary theater-like experience, you must set it to diffuse sound in stereo PCM. This is necessary since Yamaha R-N602 isn’t equipped with Dolby Digital or DTS Decoder.

We know it has so many functions and input details that can baffle a novice but the entire setup is rather simple. It is a one-time setup, and once you set it, controlling everything through the app becomes easy. They have created this model with regular users in mind.

In case you are in the music industry already and comprehend all the input details that matter in the performance of a stereo receiver, you can add an active subwoofer in it. On the switching panel, the Yamaha Company has provided a ‘Phono Input’ for using an active subwoofer.

Yamaha R-N602 Pros And Cons


  • The MusicCast feature provides a hugely impressive network audio system that can be controlled through a simple, smartphone app.
  • The app of Yamaha R-N602 gives you total freedom; you can either play the same music on all components or split them into different zones. It is highly beneficial especially if you are tuning different radio stations but want to create a different mood in other rooms.
  • We have the ECO Mode in this model also reduces power consumption by 20%. It is great for those who love to use stereo receivers daily.
  • The Auto Power Standby Function can be set to turn off the entire system automatically.
  • It is compatible with high-resolution audio files, which are heavier and have better quality than MP3 or CD. But make sure those high-resolution files are downloaded and stored in the USB since it won’t be able to directly stream them in real-time.
  • It has screw-type speaker terminals for two systems.
  • You can also stream music from your mobile with Bluetooth. This is an immensely great feature for those who enjoy their music from different devices. All they need is to pair their smartphone or tablet with the device and wirelessly stream all their favorite music.
  • For ease of navigation, radio programs and music can be organized by genres, names, types, and other criteria.
  • It has a huge informative display with flat handles of controls.


  • Con: It doesn’t have an HDMI interface port.
  • Con: It is not MHL compatible.

Yamaha R-N602 – Specifications

  • It has 4 line-level stereo RCA inputs.
  • The front panel input is particularly for USB for enjoying stored music.
  • The total weight is around 21.6 lbs.
  • It is an A/V receiver types produced by Yamaha Corporations.
  • The streaming service is AirPlay.
  • The operating power consumption is 100 mW.
  • It is DLNA Certified.
  • The Wi-Fi adapter supports 802.11n protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Yamaha R-N602. Keep on reading to perceive the specific aspects of it that often puzzle customers.

What is the ‘Compressed Music Enhancer’ feature in the Yamaha R-N602?

The purpose of Compressed Music Enhancer is to make sure that music has a vivid, lively sound quality, particularly during wireless playback.

Which audio codecs are supported in this stereo receiver?

It supports many codecs such as DSD, AIFF, FLAC, and WAV.

Can it connect with other receivers with the MusicCast feature?

Yes, it can connect with other speakers and receivers with MusicCast Feature. You can either play the same song on all speakers or choose different songs for different rooms in your home.

What is ‘Gapless Playback Compatibility’?

The Gapless Playback Compatibility ensures that there are no gaps or pauses between the audio files. You enjoy the music without interruption, especially if it is a live show or tracks from the classical albums, which often have gaps or pauses between files.

Can you play your favorite vinyl records?

Of course, it is possible. Just connect it with MM cartridge to relish vinyl records.


The Yamaha R-N602 is somewhat pricey but it deserves the high price tag as it can offer the ultimate home theater experience. It has the exact audio quality and connectivity that you require for serious music listening.

There are often discounts on this product on Amazon that you can check out from the button below.

Furthermore, its streaming functions are a plus; they are easy-to-use with variable loudness functions and take special care of the listener’s ears. They turn Yamaha R-N602 into a music machine that moves a million people.

We hope you enjoyed this Yamaha R-N602 Review.

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