Best TV Speakers for Hearing Impaired (Reviewed)

As you may already know, hearing loss is something millions of people around the world struggle with. Unfortunately, it has become so standard that it goes uncured. Hearing aids are a sought-after answer to this issue. Nonetheless, they are not so famous among these elders. 

In this post, we have compiled our best TV speakers for hearing impaired accessible on the market today. This guide will surely help you choose an amazing TV speaker set that fits your loved one’s preferences. So, let’s get started! 

Top Pick: SIMOLIO SM-621D

SIMOLIO SM-621D Digital Assisted Hearing Amplifier
Source: Amazon

Are you one of those who are cautious about corded amps? If yes, here’s one that will present you with some freedom from those cords. What you will love about SIMOLIO SM-621D is that it pairs well along with the majority of modern TV sets, Wi-Fi TV boxes, cable boxes, bringing a crisp sound closer to the users. This is big thanks to its 2.4 GHz Digital Automatic FHSS signal transmission.

When we tested it, we noticed it functions efficiently over a distance of a hundred feet, with or without obstructions. This allows us to use it anywhere in the house. On another popular note,  it also comes with an under-chin design and a headset that is practical for calm listening. In addition, it comes with a built-in audio input for a superior quality HDTV sound. It also provides RCA, two adapters, 3.5mm input cables that are both attached to the power outlet on my wall to power both the independent speaker and the transmitted. 

This TV speaker for hearing impaired is powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery, and it will run for at least six hours on a full battery. You will also like the fact that it boasts an auto shut-off element. It shuts down after three minutes of no sound, together with a huge volume knob for hassle-free control. We find this feature very useful for seniors. 

We love that the independent speaker could be utilized for mobile phones, laptops, MP3, or PC. It has also an integrated short-circuit protection. The two modes of charging is a huge plus as well. Not to mention, it has tone adjustment features, automatic gain control, and voice clarifying technology. 

The only negative we can say about this product is that it’s a bit heavy for frequent transportation. Overall, it’s a fantastic TV speaker for hearing impaired. 


  • Clear sound
  • 6 hours of battery time
  • 100 feet frequency range


  • It may be a bit heavy for some users

Serene Innovations TV-SB Speaker

Serene Innovations TV-SB Speaker
Source: Amazon

Serene Innovation Wireless TV-SB speaker dikes the stress of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. You can utilize the receiver wirelessly via RF as long as my TV has an audio out port for the transmitter for this particular speaker. You will find this a very practical setup for the elderly or those who have trouble hearing.

Nonetheless, we found that a lot of users aren’t at ease with the sensation of in-ear headphones. Thus, this specific speaker could solve that problem.

This speaker mimics a handbag along with an incorporated handle on the top. It’s a mix of a receiver and base. We discovered that the transmitter serves as a charging dock of this speaker. It has its own AC power cord connected to it. We were able to connect it to our TV through the RCA cable or the stereo cable together with the headphone jack. 

Both items of this wireless speaker interact through RF waves. Thus, it does not need line-of-sight connected. It could be situated within a hundred feet of one another. We love that the signals keep strong, even between walls. However, some RF (radio frequency) devices could obstruct the transmission of the signal. 

We noticed that the audio is loud enough for those hearing-impaired individuals. What’s more, the speaker features an independent volume that can be turned up to his or her own liking. For us, this speaker worked out well within sixty to seventy feet of the transmission.  Thus, It doesn’t drop its connection easily meaning you can hear your television in one flawless flow. 

The only negative thing we can tell about this speaker is that the sound quality is great for dialogue but only okay for music. 


  • Can be used with wifi and Bluetooth
  • Loud audio
  • Nice range of inputs


  • Sound quality for music isn’t great

Albohes Wireless TV Speakers

For only fifty dollars, this TV speaker is one of the most affordable wireless TV speakers for hearing impaired. Its transmitter is very compact, meaning you can place it at the audio or TV source without consuming too much space. This product utilizes radio frequency to send to the speaker with a distance of at least a hundred feet.

This TV speaker has another 3.5mm AUX input, allowing you to plug it into another device wherever you wish to place it. Furthermore,  there’s another 3.5mm headphone output whenever you wanted to listen with headphones. The tone controlling feature allows you to change between TV for enhanced intelligibility and music for overall range sound. A huge rotary knob for off/on/volume control situated at the front of the speaker ensures easy access to the controls.

This product comes with 2 separate USB power adapters, one for the speaker and one for the transmitter. Unfortunately, this product only presents a single adapter for the wall socket. However, if you already have a USB connection on your TV, you can utilize it to power the transmitter and the wall adapter for the TV Speaker. 

Overall, the Albohes Wireless TV speaker provides most of the features of the costlier alternatives at more than half the price. This portable TV speaker is easy to set up and operate. 


  • Compact design
  • Tone knob gives the user control over TV and Music output
  • Budget friendly


  • Only a single adapter for the wall socket
  • Feels cheap

Pyle Wireless TV Speaker

The Pyle Wireless TV Speaker is no doubt a lightweight and compact item, making it the ideal size and weight for seniors out there. This speaker boasts a portable speaker and a base station. We noticed that the base station is situated at the audio or TV source, and it is powered by a DC power adapter.

This wireless speaker boasts 3.5mm inches AUX input, which allows you to play audio off another device that is nearest to you. The device can run without being in the range of the base station. Thus, even if it’s out of range, you could easily plug the device into this added input. The speaker will still operate. 

The range of the Pyle Wireless TV Speaker is about a hundred feet. That enables you to move around a small space without compromising its signal. You could also pair it up to fifty portable speakers. Amazing, isn’t it? This is a very practical communal TV area in any home for the seniors; every individual could have their own speaker.

Take note that this speaker also has a headphone output. It allows you to listen to headphones in silence without obstructing other people. You will find a basic tone control on the speaker for TV or MUSIC settings. The settings for the music offer a full sound, while the settings for the TV enables for improved intelligibility and diction. 

You will also find a large volume/off/on control on the edge of the portable speaker. That makes it easy to find and adjust. Moreover, the DC power input on this wireless speaker denotes you could simply plug it straight to a socket. 


  • High-frequency range
  • Large volume control
  • Great for a communal area


  • Some users reported it suddenly stopped working
  • Some TV’s not compatible

Tosima Wireless TV Speakers

Tosima Wireless TV Speakers
Source: Amazon

The lightweight, high-functional, and compact TV speaker from Tosima comes along with an in-built 1000-mAH battery. The good thing about this model is that it could play audio up to eight hours without stopping. This wireless TV speaker for hearing impaired can easily connect to any TV with the help of its 2.4 GHz wireless transfer technology. 

The speaker also comes along with an adjustable voice enhancement function that offers dialog clarity of the television content. With minimal delay period, the speaker can present an ultra-crisp sound. 

In addition, the transferring distance of this wireless TV speaker is more than a hundred feet. The speaker can easily connect with any type of multimedia player, smart TV, and home theater system big thanks to its numerous connectivity modes. in addition to the already great features, it also connects with more than fifty speaker boxes

The good thing about this wireless speaker is that it features simple volume controls with a conventional dial. Even though this is a new product on the market, it still offers decent features. 


  • Lightweight
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Adjustable voice enhancement for increased dialog clarity
  • Amazing sound quality


  • Comes with cheap cable
  • Can get hot

Frequently Asked Questions

Do soundbars help with dialogue?

Some soundbars are designed to primarily focus on dialogue as opposed to fitting a wide range of options like music, movies, etc. Soundbars with this goal in mind can definitely benefit those who struggle with hearing. When we consider how poor TV speakers are nowadays, it is becoming a must to have an external speaker to get the best out of the audio.

How can I improve my TV sound for hearing impaired?

Many TV’s nowadays can support adding captions to your screen. This can be a great help to people who struggle to make out dialogue. Check with your TV Manual to see if it supports using captions. Netflix and other streaming services also support captions.

Of course, purchasing one of the speakers we recommended above is a great option. These speakers intended purpose is to help does with hearing issues and can be a fantastic resolution for them. Other ways of improving your TV sound are wireless headphones, soundbars and


You will find a lot of options to help the elder hear the TV and make watching a more enjoyable experience. These wireless TV speakers could serve as their hearing aid for TV watching and are the ideal device to invest in. They are not only cost-efficient but truly functional. 

We hope this article has helped you in your decision to find a tv speaker for the hearing impaired and wish you the best of luck in your purchase.

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