SVS SB1000 vs PB1000 – Which Is Better?

My favorite part of watching a movie or listening to music is the bass, which is the same for many other audio lovers. Thankfully, these two subwoofers elevate the bass to a whole other level.

You might have the best speakers in the world, but if you don’t have a subwoofer, the resulting low frequencies will always be flat in most cases. Of course, as with anything, there will be exceptions.

SVS has introduced a wide array of speakers, but the company is also a top dog in the subwoofer market. And for that reason, I will compare two of the most popular svs subwoofers.

The SVS PB1000 is the best choice if your primary use will be for Movie watching due to its ported box design, but you need to ensure you have enough space for it. The SB1000 is far better for music listening due to its sealed box design and larger driver.

Sound Quality


SVS PB 1000 Sound Test

The PB in the name stands for “ported box”, which refers to its overall design. And with this design, this subwoofer can provide more power, especially if you compare it with the sealed box design.

When it comes to sound quality, this 300W subwoofer is immensely satisfying. As for the placement of this subwoofer, it depends on many factors. I recommend you check out my guide on finding the optimal subwoofer placement.

SVS PB1000 Subwoofer

When you’re paying this amount for a subwoofer, you’re now in the premium range, and this is where you can expect some clean bass – And that is exactly what you get with the PB1000.

When testing, this sub can hit low frequencies with ease. Yeah, many other subs can reach 19Hz, but it’s hard to do it without causing a muddy sound. The 300W of power with this sub does so with ease and vibrates the room.

If you’ve never owned a subwoofer with this low of a frequency, I recommend you bite the bullet and go for it. It will bring out so much depth in your movies and bring them to life.

However, I would be lying if I said that the PB1000 is better for music listening. The ported box design moves a lot of air, and at times, it does not sound as accurate as the SB1000.


SVS SB 1000 Sound Test

The SB1000 is similar in design and overall performance compared to the PB1000. However, some differences impact the overall sound performance of this subwoofer.

SB1000 comes with a 12-inch driver instead of the 10-inch driver that was there in PB1000. It is also a 300W subwoofer which is the same in size with a few differences.

The ‘SB’ in the ‘SB1000’ stands for the sealed box design. This makes it far more compact than the ported box design of PB1000.

I always recommend people to go for a sealed box design if their primary preference is for music listening as it has a much more ‘tighter’ bass compared to a ported box which moves a lot more air. So if your primary use is for music listening, go for the SB1000.

SVS SB1000 Subwoofer

The SVS SB1000 has a great tone and a very tight, accurate bass. It is brilliant for music listening, and its low frequency brings a lot of quality to all genres and songs.

Don’t get me wrong; this subwoofer will still handle movies with absolutely no issues. It’s just not as ‘action-oriented’ as the PB1000, which really brings explosions and action movies to life.

Here is a more in-depth SVS SB1000 review.

Build Quality


The design is slightly different if you compare PB-1000 with other subwoofers. But it also has some fundamental characteristics. The PB1000 is significantly bigger than the SB1000. You can conveniently place it in smaller spaces. With most other subwoofers, you might get in trouble in the overall output but not with this maestro.

The cabinet has a design you will generally notice as a prominent SVS feature. Its construction involves a rigid medium density fiberboard, and there are curvy corners.

The cabinet is wrapped in an oak vinyl finish. On the front, the grill of this subwoofer is made of plastic, and it covers the entire face of the subwoofer. 

However, if you take out the grill, you will notice the looks of this subwoofer significantly change and looks a lot better, in my opinion.

SVS PB1000 Subwoofer with Grill

There is a 10-inch front-facing driver coupled with the front-firing high flow port that is 3.5-inch in size. You will see the SB1000 has a bigger front driver that measures 12-inch in size. The smaller driver here is a necessity for the ported box design.

In the left corner on the top, you will find an LED light. It indicates the subwoofer is currently working or on standby. Red indicates standby mode, and blue light means the woofer is receiving the signal.

The lights are bright, but if you have the grill cover on the woofer, it won’t seem that bright. Without this cover, the LED light will certainly make you have a look at it more than once, especially in the dark.


Again, if you compare it with the PB1000, you will find there is no difference at all in the overall design. But the SB1000 is a lot smaller than PB1000.

The cubic design speaker has a smaller footprint. The design has rounded corners, and the face is entirely covered by the front-facing driver. If you’re living in a small apartment, it won’t take much space.

When you place the grille on it, you will see it covers the entire face of the woofer. The curvy design aligns well with the rounded corners.

SVS has used medium-density fiberboard to construct this woofer, just like the PB1000. Additionally, SVS has also placed a 2-inch thick layer of materials to dampen to ensure the quality of the sound filters well through this layer.

SVS SB1000 Subwoofer without grill

The LED light will tell you about the current status of the operation of this subwoofer. When it is in standby mode, the red light will turn on, and when it is receiving a signal, the light will turn blue.

With the padding on, the light is pretty subtle, but when you take the grill off, it draws a lot of attention in darker environments, so some users may prefer to keep it on.



You will have the standard power switch and a standby switch. You will find three different knobs for controlling volume, sub-phase, and low pass crossover on the top side.

The low pass crossover falls between 50 Hz and 160 Hz. And none of these knobs are analog and come with digital actuators for better precision in the output control. Such features tell you a story of how quality brand SVS truly is, and you can expect these features for this price range.

SVS PB1000 Subwoofer control interface

This subwoofer also comes with automatic standby features to save some cost on your electricity. And last but not least is the RoHS compliance of this woofer that ensures the entire product is lead-free and comes with all internationally recognized safety certifications.

In terms of connectivity, if you compare the PB1000 with the SB1000, you won’t see any difference. The standard coaxial LFE port allows you to connect your AV receiver.

A couple of inputs for line-level are there as well, and the woofer also features a 5-way input for high-level speakers. There is also an AC/DC trigger is there that you can use in different situations.


This subwoofer comes with all the standard controls that you can find on any subwoofer. You will find a power switch along with a standby mode switch.

You will find three knobs where the first one controls the volume, the second controls the phase, while the third one controls the low pass crossover.

These controls are not analog and are digitally actuated. When you use them, you will receive a more accurate and free-of-noise adjustment control.

The SB1000 in its standby mode only consumes around 0.5W, which is similar to PB1000, and it helps you reduce your costs. Apart from that, this speaker is also RoHS compliant like PB1000.

SVS SB1000 Subwoofer control interface

And when we talk about connectivity, just like PB1000, the SB1000 also comes with the regular coaxial LFE port and an input for line-level.

There are a couple of line-level outputs available along with the pair of 5-way wire inputs for the high-level speakers. A trigger switch for AC/DC is also available for various circumstances.

Other Things to Consider



Although it comes with a hefty price tag, it is a one-time payment that will give you endless hours of fun when watching movies or even some music listening.

It comes with all the latest features, and the woofer also comes with pretty robust construction. It means it will continue to perform for a long time to come. It’s all about the value you get from a quality product, and this subwoofer does deliver on quality without a shadow of a doubt.


The SB1000 costs slightly more than the PB1000 due to its overall compact cubicle design with rounded edges. This one, however, resolves the issues associated with space quite well.

It is one of the best features of this woofer because the PB1000 is significantly bigger, and you might have some trouble placing it on your designed spot. I recommend this at this price point for a long-term subwoofer option if you’re looking to take your music listening to the next level.



Its dimensions are 18.9-inch x 15-inch x 20-inch with the grill on, and if you take out the grill, it depth will reduce by half an inch. This woofer weighs around 46 pounds, and it still is quite a heavy unit despite being so compact.

It is a huge unit, especially compared to the SB1000. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing. You don’t want to buy it and have to return it because it was too big.


The dimensions of this subwoofer are 13.5-inch x 13-inch x 14.6-inch, and it weighs around 27 pounds. As you can see, the cubic design of this subwoofer makes it a top contender when you are tight on space.

It can conveniently fit anywhere you like. When space is your primary concern, the SB1000 comes to your rescue. This makes the SB1000 an excellent option for smaller rooms where compact design is important.

Pros & Cons



  • 10-inch front-facing driver.
  • Sturdy built.
  • It gives off a punchy, thumping bass.
  • The woofer comes at a reasonable price.
  • Top choice for movies.


  • Very large design
  • Its LED light is pretty owning if you take out the grill.
  • There is some port noise at high volumes.



  • 12-inch front-facing driver.
  • Highly accurate bass output.
  • Pretty small footprint.
  • The cubicle design with rounded edges looks pretty contemporary.
  • Top-quality construction.
  • Great for music listening.


  • Not the best choice for large rooms.
  • Front LED light attracts a lot of attention in dark environments.


In conclusion, both options are great subwoofers. You will make great use of them even if you use them both for music and watching movies. If you’re just looking for a subwoofer that does a good job for both, I say go for whatever one you can get cheaper.

However, if you want to be more particular and want the best bang for your buck for your intended use, I recommend you pick the SB1000 for music listening due to its sealed box design and more significant driver, and the PB1000 for movie watching due to its ported box design.

Another thing to consider is size that the SB1000 is far more compact and will be better suited for smaller rooms where space is limited. While the PB1000 is far bigger, you need to ensure you have the capacity for it.

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