Sony SSCS3 vs Polk T50 – Which is better?

The Sony SSCS3 and the Polk T50 are two floorstanding speakers that fall into the same price range. If you are anything like me, making decisions is something I always struggle with, especially when it comes down to any products relating to audio.

My goal with this Sony SSCS3 vs Polk T50 comparison is to make your purchase decision that much easier. I will be talking about the key features of each speaker such as sound quality, build quality, controls, and some other things you need to consider when buying a floor standing speaker.

Sound Quality 

The first thing that you look for when you are buying speakers is the sound quality. Everyone likes to fill their room with deep bass, rich mid sound, and clear treble. When the speaker volume is increased, the quality of the sound should never deteriorate or crack.

Also, you don’t want speakers that deliver a very low mid-range sound and a booming bass. All the aspects that define the sound quality should be equally balanced in a good speaker.

Sony SSCS3 

These speakers aren’t the loudest of speakers, but they are more than enough to fill the room with sound for watching movies or listening to music. However, if you will be using these while playing the drums or any other loud instrument, I would recommend you go for something more powerful.

For this price range, I was immediately impressed by how accurate and clean the mid-to-high range was. This is something I was not expecting for speakers in this price range, and certainly has a more premium sound about them. TV dialogue was crystal clear too which is especially helpful for the film buffs out there.

The sound stage these speakers provide was rather surprising too. It gave me a surround sound experience which is something you’d expect in the higher range floorstanding speakers.

However, the bass is slightly lacking and I would highly recommend you pick up a subwoofer. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, even something like a Monoprice 8 inch sub would take the bass to a much more satisfying level.

Polk T50 

If I’m being honest, I was a bit disappointed with the Polk T50’s sound quality in comparison to the Sony SSCS3. Especially considering they are quite a similar price.

Firstly, the bass is very light, even lighter than the SSCS3. It lacks quality and overall depth, you would certainly need a subwoofer with these.

The high range of these lacks definition, I think the best way to describe them is almost ‘airy’. But, I have to admit it matches or is arguably better than the mid range of the Sony SSCS3. This makes them great for dialogue and for vocals in whatever music you are listening to. It’s mid-range presence really adds up for a lot of its cons.

If you are thinking of getting these are bookshelf speakers, I would say go for the T50 as it does provide a bit better soundstage than a pair of bookshelf speakers would. However, in overall sound quality, the Sony SSCS3 is much better.

Build Quality 

Once the sound quality is determined, you need to look into the durability of the speakers. It would be a real waste of money buying a unit that would stop working after a few days. You need to see that the unit you invest in is long-lasting and able to provide consistent performance.

The components which make up the speaker should be of the best quality. Moreover, the speaker should be able to withstand different temperature changes. It will do you no good if your speakers get clogged up due to humidity.

Sony SSCS3 

As far as the design is concerned, the Sony SSCS3 displays quite a sleek, solid, and modern outlook. If you are looking for a home speaker that depicts durability and longevity, then the Sony SSCS3 is perfect for you. This 3-way speaker is very portable and made from solid components.

You will understand the premium build quality of the speakers through the premium audio that it emits. Using poor components can change the quality of sound in a speaker. That is why Sony uses nothing but the best for their SSCS3 speakers.

One of the attractive things about these speakers is its modern black finish, which can mix well with any interior. Coupled with high-quality film condensers, woofers made from silicon steel, and inductors tweeters, it helps create a great listening experience.

Polk T50 

Belonging to the upper line of the Polk speaker system, the T50 displays quite a modern design. The features present in the speakers are also some of the latest ones, which make it a great choice at an affordable price range. The first thing worth mentioning is the tweeter, which is about 1 inch.

You will find no hollow or unbraced sound coming from the speakers while assembling it. The best thing is that you will have no problem setting up the speakers at all. They are not very heavy but are quite sturdy in this range. The curved grill present in the speakers gives them an elegant look. 


The controls of the system are another thing that you need to focus on. Without smooth control, you will not be able to operate your system. You need to see what the speakers are offering other than they look and the quality of sound.

Both of the speakers, i.e., the Sony SSCS3 and the Polk T50, have some amazing controls that would help you enjoy the system to the fullest.

Sony SSCS3 

The system’s tweeters will lead to the expansion of the soundstage, which is equipped with notes of high frequency at a wide space. There are certain techniques for weight reduction equipped in the tweeters, which are quite essential.

The woofer emits quite a powerful bass along with stable and deep sound quality. The system’s voice coil has a light CCAW and a magnetic circuit, which is quite powerful.

Polk T50 

Just like the Sony SSCS3, the tweeter of the Polk T50 also contributes to the expansion of the soundstage. Moreover, the Polk T50 is also equipped with various weight reduction techniques, which provide sound pressure, which is quite high.

Equipped with two bass radiators and two passive radiators, the speaker is an amazing system to have at home. The system’s most attractive point is the sound emission at the mid-range, which is fine and detailed.

If you’re after something more expensive, here are my favorite floorstanding speakers for under $1000.

Things to Consider


The price of any item you buy is essential. Most people have a budget prepared when they are planning to buy something. How much you are prepared to go above the budget depends on the product’s quality that you are investing in.

In addition to that, you will have to see if the money you are paying for the speakers is worth the quality. You do not want to invest your money in a unit that will not give you the desired performance.

Sony SSCS3 

The Sony SSCS3 speakers are available at a very reasonable price despite being a product of a well-known brand. If you are very conscious about your brands and want to buy something budget-friendly, then the Sony SSCS3 is the one you choose.

Coupled with the amazing features, the speakers are not at all in the upper price range. Along with the high sound quality and sleek design, these modern speakers are quite the market’s rage.

You will be unable to find another speaker in the same price range, which provides the same features. You can finally watch your favorite movie comfortably at your home with the amazing sound quality of the Sony SSCS3.

Polk T50 

The Polk T50 is also another great speaker, which also falls in an affordable price range.. The Polk T50 is also equipped with great features capable of turning your home into a theatre.

After checking the price history, the Polk T50 is usually cheaper than the Sony SSCS3, but in my opinion I think it is worth it to splurge that small bit extra to go for the Sony. It has a much better overall sound, and you will be thankful in the long run.


The speaker’s size is a major component that you will have to keep in mind while buying. Depending on the room you will be setting up the system in, you have to see which size is perfect for you. You cannot blindly choose a speaker and then be unable to fit it into the desired room.

The dimensions, along with the weight of the speakers, matter a lot. You do not want to choose a very heavy option in which you will be unable to live without any help. Since these are portable speakers, you need to be very cautious about the whole package’s size and weight.

Sony SSCS3 

When it comes to the size of the speakers, it is quite a tall option. The speaker’s dimensions are 9 1/8″ W x 36 3/8″ H x 10 ¼” D. For this speaker, you will need quite a bit of space. It will be impossible to set this speaker up in a small room.

The room has to be tall to accommodate the speaker in such a way so that the sound travels freely. You do not want to compromise with the speakers’ sound quality due to the unavailability of space.

The weight of the speaker is 11 lbs, which are quite light as compared to its dimensions. Despite the large size, you will not find it impossible to move the speaker from one place to another due to its lightweight.

Polk T50 

The dimensions of the Polk T50 are 8.75″ x 9.25″ x 36.5′. Similar to the Sony SSCS3, the Polk T50 would also require a spacious room to be set up. If you are setting up the system in a bedroom, make sure that there is ample space for the sound to travel to not create discomfort.

The speaker weighs around 20.4 pounds, which is quite heavy. You might need to help some other family members move the speakers from one place to another safely. If you are not planning to move places any time soon, then the weight might not bother you much.

Pros and Cons 

Sony SSCS3 


  • The sound of the quality of the speakers is quite appreciable.
  • The three ranges – high, mid, and low, of the speakers, is very clear.
  • Equipped with a very sturdy base, which is essentially, especially if you are placing the speakers in the bedroom of a teenager
  • Assembling the system is relatively easy, and you will not require any professional help to do so. You would not need any help while setting up the speakers.
  • The speaker is quite powerful and would be able to fill the sound is not just the setup room but most of the house.
  • The sound from the speakers does not break up when the volume is increased to the maximum.
  • The system is very portable and quite compact.
  • It is lighter than most speakers of the same type.
  • Comes in a very affordable price range with a modern and solid design
  • The system is compatible with the majority of home settings.


  • Despite a clear sound, you might have to choose any other system if you have a big house.
  • The speaker needs to be paired up with a subwoofer for a clearer sound and a filled-out bass end.
  • Not recommended for a large room.

Polk T50 


  • The speakers come at a very affordable price range and are best for looking for a budget-friendly option.
  • Great mid range.
  • You will get some of the most amazing features equipped in such a reasonable price range in the speakers.
  • The system’s built is quite sturdy, and you will not have to worry about it getting damaged very easily.
  • There is no hassle in the installation process and can be done by a single person, along with the manual’s help.
  • The system is equipped with a silk dome Twitter.
  • The T50 uses the technology of Dynamic balance like any other product of the Polk brand.
  • Equipped with two bass radiators of 6.5 inches, a woofer of 6.5 inches, and a tweeter of 1 inch
  • The footprint of the system is relatively small, which is a very big advantage.


  • The bass of the system is not as impressive as you would like
  • Not recommended for a large room
  • The speaker is only available in black with a vinyl finish of wood-grain
  • The treble can be a little harsh for some recordings.
  • You may need to add other components to the system to hear a more precise sound if you have a big house.


In conclusion, I personally think you are much better off to go with the Sony SSCS3. It offer a much cleaner overall sound and offers a fantastic soundstage. You will find it difficult to replicate the soundstage that these create for this price range.

The Polk T50 is not a bad speaker by any means, and offers arguably a better mid range than the SSCS3. But, for the little bit extra in price, you will get a far better listening experience with the Sony.

With the two speakers, I would recommend you pick up a cheap subwoofer. They both lack depth in their bass and adding a sub to your setup will elevate their sound performance.

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