Shure SM7B vs Blue Yeti – Which is better?

Blue Yeti doesn’t need any introduction when choosing a mic. But Shure is also becoming a popular trend for recordings. Both Shure SM7B and Blue Yeti are top-performing microphones in their categories. The SM7B is a dynamic mic with a cardioid pattern, while the Blue Yeti is a condenser mic with multiple polar patterns.

If you want durability, record vocals, and instruments, the SM7B is a top choice. It’s a good choice for on-stage and in-studio applications. On the other hand, the Blue Yeti is a lot more suitable for different computer applications.

Shure Logo
Shure Logo

Sound Quality

Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B provides you with a superior overall sound. But you will have to keep in mind this mic comes with a limited proximity effect. It means it won’t pick up low frequencies.

This mic will produce a sensational sound with a rich tone when you hit the sweet spot. Plus, it will tackle the mid to high-range frequencies pertinently. But to get the best results, you need to keep the sound source within 2 to 3 inches from the mic. It means you can conveniently use it for a wide range of purposes.

Frequency handling at different levels doesn’t get better than this. You can record from a wide range of other sound sources using this microphone, and you won’t have to deal with any electromagnetic hum due to its inbuilt pop filter.

You have to place this mic in the proper direction for the best results. And when you do that, it can handle vocals, but you can also use it for recording instruments. It would help if you preferred this mic for recording vocals because it has low to mid-range frequencies.

Blue Yeti

For a USB microphone, the Blue Yeti comes with good sound quality. It can handle those frequencies at different ranges but is better suited for podcasting and other media handling such as streaming. It does a fine job precisely capturing any output from the sound sources. But it is not the type of microphone you would use on stage.

You certainly have the convenience of using this mic because it is relatively versatile and makes the recording process simple because you have to connect it with your computer.

Despite being simply a USB mic, it can record sound relatively well. Maybe, it is not the best option for recording instruments directly, but it can handle vocals exceptionally well.

However, the microphone doesn’t have a pop filter and won’t handle that electromagnet hum very well.

Blue Yeti Logo

Build Quality

Shure SM7B

Upon holding the Shure SM7B, you will notice it is a large microphone and weighs around 1.75 pounds. It is something quite heavy for a microphone. Therefore, you should use it with a stand and in the studio. But the design is built to hang in the studio.

Despite being heavy, this mic comes with a compact design. It is painted in all-black and looks quite sleek and straightforward. If you are looking for a durable mic, you should go for this one. It has superior quality construction.

Most dynamic mics are solid in construction, especially if you compare them with condenser mics. And Shure has a long history of building quality mics. It almost guarantees this mic will last for a very long time.

The moving-coil dynamic mic makes it one of the best options for you to consider for living performances.

Blue Yeti

The primary advantage you get from this microphone is its multiple polar patterns and simple connectivity features. Both these pros have been significant contributors to the overall success of this microphone.

This microphone is made of plastic. The only substantial piece this microphone has is its stand. All the knobs and switches present on this mic are of plastics. They also tend to wobble a bit when you try to make some adjustments to the settings.

When you look under the hood, you will notice there is a lot of space inside. You will only find three small caps within the big form factor and their SMD circuit. It’s a bit surprising, but the spacious room inside the mic keeps the circuitry safe from any impact from the outside.


Shure SM7B

Shure has designed this mic to keep it simple so that you won’t find many controls. Still, Shure has made two controls for you. One of these controls is for the bass role, while the other is for the presence boost.

Both these controls allow you to customize the mic’s wide frequency response range, which is from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. This mic has all the means to meet your recording news, especially when talking about the vocals.

However, the mic comes with a cardioid polar pattern which means it will be exceptional when it comes to recording vocals. But you can also record instruments using this microphone. Make sure you place the mic right in front of the sound source and keep it close (within 2 to 3 inches).

The mic also has a very high sound pressure level, which is 180 dB. It means it will be susceptible when handling those low-frequency sounds.

Blue Yeti

Compared to SM7B, the Blue Yeti comes with some controls. A multipurpose control is present on the mic to adjust the mic’s gain, and when you push the control dial, you will mute your mic.

It also controls the sound level through your headphones and enables you to mix your signal with the sound evenly. The microphone also comes with a series of lights. And if you don’t know what they mean, using your Yeti mic might become confusing.

The control has an LED ring and a solid ring to keep the LED light in place. This light illuminates in different colors, depending on how you use your microphone. Usually, different color illuminations indicate what polar pattern is in use.

Switching to your required polar patterns is simple, and you have the option to choose between four different polar patterns in this condenser mic:

  • Cardioid
  • Super-cardioid
  • Omnidirectional
  • Stereo

It means you can conveniently use it for recording vocals and instruments and use it for various purposes, including on-stage or in-studio.

You only need a USB connection to connect this mic to your PC or laptop and start recording straight away.

Other Things to Consider


Shure SM7B

Shure is a top-quality brand. And if you are looking to buy from this brand, you need to keep in mind that you will only get good quality products. And this microphone is nothing different either.

The company has used high-quality metal and plastics to construct this microphone. This microphone is going to last for a very long time. Dynamic microphones are also meant to be banged around, so they are rigid in their overall construction. The controls on this mic are incredibly robust and move smoothly.

The hanging adjustment on the mic is made of high-quality materials. Plus, this mic features quality materials under the hood. No wonder the SM7B can handle sounds from different frequencies. This microphone is all about performance and durability, and for that, you are paying the price.

You can certainly find cheaper dynamic cardioid mics on the market, but they are not going to deliver the performance you can expect from Shure. And that is precisely why this mic has been in production for so many years.

Blue Yeti

One of the most significant advantages of going with this microphone is it comes with a USB connection. You can conveniently link it with your computer or laptop and start recording. It also comes with polar patterns, which means you can use them to record different sound sources according to your requirements.

But besides these two features, this microphone doesn’t have much to offer. The materials the company has used in this construction is this microphone is all plastics, and you can’t designate a sturdy microphone. 

The controls on this microphone are flimsy too. But the company has geared it towards a user that is slightly short on budget but doesn’t want to compromise on convenience. It is more suitable for using only one pattern and leaving the controls alone.

Therefore, versatility is undoubtedly there but sturdiness in the design leaves you begging for more. But with the features it has to offer, this mic indeed handles the competition pretty well.


Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B is a giant-sized mic, and its dimensions are 7.47-inch x 3.78-inch x 5.81-inch. It weighs around 1.75 pounds, and these numbers make it a massive piece to own. With such dimensions and weight, you cannot carry it around in your hand.

Therefore, you can conveniently use a stand with this mic. But it is specifically designed to be hanged. The microphone also runs on a lithium polymer battery which also adds to its overall weight.

Of course, its entire construction involves metal; therefore, it also significantly adds to the weight of this microphone. It looks pretty nice with the all-black color on it, and the two controls on this mic are easily accessible.

Blue Yeti

This microphone comes with 4.92-inch x 4.72-inch x 11.61-inch and weighs around 2.2 lbs. Now this mic is also something you cannot hold in your hands. So, it comes with a metal stand that significantly adds to the overall weight of this mic.

But when you consider the mic itself and its construction, there is not much in it that contributes a lot towards the overall design of this mic. There is a lot of space present on the interior of this mic that doesn’t do much except to add to the overall size of this mic.

It could have been a smaller slot if the casing was near enough to the capsules and internal circuitry of the mic. Considering that, this mic weighs 2.2 pounds which is not justifiable. The only purpose we can understand this gap serves is to keep the capsule and internal circuitry safe from any external impacts.

Pros & Cons

Shure SM7B


  • Consistent and natural reproduction of sound.
  • It can handle a wide frequency response pretty well.
  • A top choice for broadcasting as well as singing.
  • Comes with a pop filter and a windscreen for more effective performance.


  • A bit expensive than the Blue yeti microphone.

Blue Yeti


  • It can maintain balance when even significantly off-axis
  • Decent fidelity and accuracy
  • It comes with recording software.
  • Built-in headphone jack.
  • Suitable for computer applications.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The Blue Yeti doesn’t have an inbuilt pop-filter.
  • Doesn’t come with an adapter for a standard mic stand.


In terms of overall performance, reliability, and endurance, the SM7B is undoubtedly the best choice to consider. But it also comes with a hefty price tag on it. But if you are looking for decent sound quality and don’t want to overspend, the Blue Yeti will not disappoint you at all.

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