Marantz PM8006 Review – Is It Worth It?

When it comes to buying an integrated amplifier, you go hard or go home. In this article, we are going to review the super-integrated amplifier, Marantz PM8006. It is for all those who want to build the ultimate high-performance hi-fi system.

It is available with various topologies and plays many important functions like input switching, balance control, tone control, and etc.

This amplifier provides a clean, warm sound while creating a perfect neutral listening experience. The build quality is absolutely fantastic as it is heavy and feels ‘premium’. Its sound precision is what I loved the most, everything sounds much more realistic with it.

Sound Quality

Many sensible and well-informed experts have assessed the sound quality of the Marantz PM8006 and according to them, the more you listen to it, the more you love it. Since its controlled bass makes even the most vulnerable note sound better and exceptional.

The way it generates generous power from its board and works on its input for surround system integration is done in a beautiful way that helps create a crisp, clear sound.

It doesn’t matter whether you are watching a thriller movie or enjoying a piece of tranquil music, you won’t miss any note and feel that you are in the scene.

In most integrated amplifiers, one amp sounds better and another worse.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with this model.

The components they have used for sound only generate a high-quality version. You clearly feel the authoritative base that doesn’t break and there isn’t any distortion in it as well. 

In fact, in music or movie, if a sound quality or rhythm shifts constantly, the frequency response and the phase shift handle it rather well.

No matter what your speaker looks like, they produce full, powerful audio and give their best performance.

HDAM Technology

HDAM Technology in the Marantz PM8006 is probably the most prominent feature.

The Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module (HDAM) makes all the difference in the sound quality. Due to this technology, you relish a deep, immersive experience that captures every nuance of your favorite music or movies. It functions in several capacities and makes Marantz PM8006 better than its competitors.

Introducing the HDAM in an amplifier isn’t easy.

Professional developers of Marantz Company developed their own discrete circuit board to achieve the properties of HDAM. Their circuit boards have replaced the standard IC’s.

Furthermore, the surface mount components are also present on the board with signal paths. They contribute to the superior performance of this amplifier.

Bear in mind, the HDAM circuitry can have many variations. If you already have an amplifier with HDAM Technology, it doesn’t the sound quality of the two amplifiers will be the same.

But, in Marantz PM8006, the HDAM makes the most of its innovative approach to amplification.

With HDAM, you get as close to what the musicians and sound engineers intended you to hear.

Power Output

First, let’s talk about the power output of this amplifier.

It is always the very first thing to look at before buying an integrated amplifier. Unfortunately, most buyers don’t ponder this feature, as they think it makes no difference.

However, the reality is utterly different.

The Marantz PM8006 gives 70 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms and 100 watts x 4 channels into 4 ohms. The ohm is the electrical resistance between two or four points of the conductor. This power output rating reveals the maximum volume you can achieve.

For example, if you have small bookshelf speakers, 15 to 20 watts are required. But if you have a full system with big floor standing speakers, having a 200-watt output is necessary.

The PM8006 performs best in a middle-sized room where maximum power rating isn’t required. Please note, its important to calculate the power output of your setup before setting an amplifier up.

Two-Stage Amplification

The two-stage amplification system is one of the most important elements in any amplifier for signal strength and quality. Its basic purpose is to amplify the strength of speech and make it more realistic. You relish detailed, crisp sound always.

The first stage of this system inverts the signals and amplifies it. 

The R1 and R2 forms in the divider give the appropriate voltage to the transistor, whereas R3 works as the load resistor and allows the amplifier to amplify the voltage of the input signs with efficacy. In other words, in the first stage, the actual amplified signal is obtained from R3.

On the other hand, the second stage re-invents the signal to its original phase. It amplifies the current of the audio and decreases the output impedance. Unlike stage one, stage two amplification obtains its signal from the emitter terminal of the Marantz PM8006.

This assists in improving the overall power of the audio.

You don’t find any stray noise in the sound.

If you want something cheaper, check out my Marantz PM7000N vs NR1200 comparison.


Many people don’t comprehend the ‘ohms’ terms and associate it with power only.

In a way, this is true. But it is just one aspect. The ohms (SI derived unit of electrical resistance) play a significant role in denoting reactance in alternating-current (AC) and radio-frequency (RF).

Though they don’t have a noticeable effect on the sound quality you do get a better response in the sound at an adequate volume.

From an engineering point of view, when we check its 4 ohms and 8 ohms, we assess its speaker impedance. It is like a great rock ‘n’ roll.

Everything about it is complicated but we try to define it in simple words.

The impedance changes as the sound go up and down in pitch. For example, at the low note, the impedance could be 8 ohms, but if the amplifier is dealing with the upper range of sound, its impedance will become 4 ohms. That’s why the 4 ohms require more watts.

Developers use these both ohms for consistent sound and achieving the whole audio range. In a way, the presence of these two fine-tunes the music and remove the high ridges from it.

Marantz PM8006 Pros and Cons


  • It has a total of 6 audio inputs.
  • It provides a two-stage amplification system that fills a big room with rich sounds.
  • HDAM Technology offers high-speed reproduction.
  • It is possible to relish the best quality of music from the most demanding headphones.
  • 4-ohm feature allows it to use with a wide range of speakers.
  • The source direct mode also facilitates in producing cleaner sound.
  • The Marantz Company gives a 3-years warranty.


  • The Bluetooth features in this integrated amplifier is weak.
  • May be out of budget for those looking for something cheaper.

Things To Remember

There are a few important things you need to keep in mind before buying Marantz PM8006.

  • When you switch to the source direct mode, it cuts the tone controls and it also affects the balance adjustment from the signal. In a way, it is good too as it can tailor the sound to personal taste. With a little adjustment, you can have upper-frequency detail also.
  • As we have mentioned before, it has a multitude of connectivity options. Therefore, this integrated amplifier pairs great with Marantz ND8006 and Monitor Audio Silver. It is up to you to decide which pairing option can produce a highly sophisticated desired sound for you.
  • In order to enjoy the most involving musical experience, play with its electric volume control. It is a specially Marantz-designed control that is used for high linearity and channel separation. It also gives dynamic range and distortion reduction sound.


The Marantz PM8006 never loses its composure.

It is not intimidated even by the dynamic extremes of recording. For that reason, we often find it in professional-level studios as it sounds larger than expectations and also dominate midranges with efficacy. On all the notes, you will be surprised by its presence and precision.

Moreover, it is built to please; it has a solid bottom with a triple layer plate that facilitates in reducing the vibration and distortion.

If you want us to review this integrated amplifier in one sentence, just remember, it can put a smile on any music fan’s face. It doesn’t matter whether you are listening to Jay-Z or Tchaikovsky, its class-leading technologies will pick details out of music and surprise you.

You can check out its price here:

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