Marantz PM7000N vs PM8006 – Which is Better?

Today, you’ll be reading about a product comparison of the Marantz PM7000N vs. PM8006. This article will be going over what’s included in their respective boxes, sound quality, features, how to set them up, pros, cons, and a verdict on which is better.

What’s in the box?

Owner’s manualYesYes
Integrated amplifierYes (Network Integrated Amplifier)Yes (Amplifier)
Remote controlYes Yes
Warranty InformationYesYes
Spotify noteYes

Marantz PM7000N

Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier HEOS Built-in Supports Digital and Analog Sources Compatible with Amazon Alexa Phono Input

Marantz is likely to be familiar to any Hi-Fi fan, whether a seasoned audiophile or someone just starting their Hi-Fi adventure. 

Marantz’s packaging is consistently reliable and up to the task, and the PM7000N proves to be no exception. 

Its thick and sturdy double-walled box is packed with branding that boldly markets Marantz and its technological partners. 

And a well-designed packaging system, equipped with form-fitting styrofoam and protective wrap, provides superb interior protection while acting as a proper entrée for the beautiful goods within.

Sound quality 

The PM7000N’s sound was big, aggressive, and lively right away, exceeding my expectations. There was a rhythmically propulsive feel to the music. Even seemingly innocuous music was beneficial. Like Zsofia Boros’ nuanced guitar work on ECM, which sacrifices between-the-notes delicacy for a sense of urgency via the PM7000N.

The energy compensates for the treble’s dullness. Bass isn’t refined, resembling Tyson Fury more than Deontay Wilder. Hurricane by Grace Jones is a low-end onslaught. The sound that the PM7000N produced was more contagious than polished.

These preliminary data were from using Roon with AirPlay 2. The switch to HEOS was met with a resounding ‘wow.’ HEOS adds tight bass and a more northerly treble to the previously mentioned velocity and energy.

Here is a sound test:

Marantz PM7000N Sound Test

Build quality

The PM7000N’s width stays relatively demanding space, so consider the PM7000N’s expected utility. Lifting the PM7000N adds a sense of solidity and confidence in rigidity, as its bottom-heavy weight is around 23 pounds.

Marantz uses high-quality materials throughout, from the brushed metal faceplate to the textured knobs and copper-colored chassis screws. 

The SPKT-1+ speaker connections, thick bottom plate, and notched selection knob of the PM7000N are similar. Not to mention the volume knob, which has the softness and weight you’d expect from great audio. 

Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier HEOS Built-in Supports Digital and Analog Sources Compatible with Amazon Alexa Phono Input

It has a three-line monochrome OLED display. It’s useful and enriches the user experience, and it’s not an intrusive source of light in a dark setting, despite its lack of color and the capacity to display images. 

In other words, the PM7000N can reign supreme in a bedroom as part of a media or audio system without emitting a lot of light.

While the PM7000N can accept digital audio from a TV through a dedicated optical input, it lacks visual processing and passthrough capabilities and the ability to decode non-PCM signals (such as Dolby Digital). The PM7000N is solely dedicated to audio playback.

The PMA-150H’s specific AM/FM antenna hook-ups are replaced by a moving magnet phono input on the chassis’s big rear panel (a step-up transformer is needed for moving-coil compatibility). 

Gold-plated stereo outputs & 3 sets of gold-plated stereo inputs are also included. The PMA-150H’s Type-B USB-DAC computer-direct connectivity is likewise gone, as is the Type-A USB connector on the front. 

Instead, the PM7000N has a single 5-volt/1-amp Type-USB connector on the back that you may use to connect thumb drives. Unfortunately, connected communications with a PC or Mac are not possible using this port.

Two optical inputs, one coaxial connection, Ethernet, and remote connections round out the wired connectivity. For a sub-$1,000 integrated amp, the speaker posts are also very decent. Copper structure, silver plating, and hefty transparent plastic wire guides distinguish these terminals from Marantz’s original. 

On the front, the PM7000N replaces the touch-sensitive controls seen on the 150H with a full set of physical knobs and buttons. 

The unit’s OLED display, which hovers above a trio of tone controls and a Source Direct button, is flanked by input and volume knobs, just like a typical receiver. 

A circular menu and playback button cluster sit perfectly beside the OLED screen, allowing for intuitive menu and track navigation.

The front panel also has a 1/4″ headphone port, but there is no isolated output stage or gain control, a break from the PMA-150H, which has both. Still, headphone connectivity is a pleasant addition.

Key Features

  • 2-Channel Amplifier Configuration
  • 60W per Channel Power Output
  • WiFi, Ethernet, AirPlay 2, HEOS
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Voice Assistant & HEOS App Control
  • 3x Stereo RCA Inputs, 1x Phono MM Input
  • Digital Coaxial, 2x Optical Inputs
  • Toroidal Transformer

Setting Up

1. Install the AAA batteries into the remote.

2. Connect the speakers

Connect the amplifier to the speakers. Remove the wrapping from the speaker cable’s tip, then twist the core wire securely or solder it.

Then loosen the speaker terminal by turning it counterclockwise. To tighten the speaker terminal, insert the core wire of the speaker cable into it and spin it clockwise.

3. Connect the TV to the amplifier (Optional)

Connect a TV to your amplifier’s D/A input for high-quality TV audio. When connecting a TV to this unit, make sure the TV’s internal speakers are turned off. For further information, consult your TV’s owner’s handbook.

4. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet

5. Connect to the network

You can connect wirelessly to an iOS device or any WPS router. Connect a network cable between your PM7000N and your router for wired connections, and then turn it on. You may then choose your language and wait for your PM7000N to connect to your network.

6. Enjoy your music!

Pros and Cons


  • Wireless multi-room audio 
  • Access to many streaming platforms
  • Optimized technology 
  • Accurate and controlled sound
  •  Built-in stereo amp
  • AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth


  • Bluetooth SBC only

Marantz PM8006

Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amplifier with New Electric Volume Control and Phono-EQ for Vinyl Playback | Connect Multiple Audio Sources | Flexible Configurations for More Power to Speakers

The Marantz PM8006 creates an ideal balanced listening experience with its clear, pleasant tone. The build quality is outstanding since it is weighty and has a ‘luxury’ feel. What I liked best about it was its sound accuracy. Everything sounds much more realistic with it.

It’s used in professional studios since it sounds bigger than it is and may effectively dominate midranges. Its presence and accuracy will startle you on all of the notes. 

It is also made to impress, with a sturdy bottom and a triple layer plate that helps to reduce vibration and distortion.

If you only want us to say one thing about this integrated amplifier, remember that it can make every music enthusiast happy. 

Its class-leading technology will pick out subtleties in music and amaze you, whether you’re listening to Jay-Z or Tchaikovsky.

Sound quality 

Many wise and knowledgeable professionals have evaluated the Marantz PM8006’s sound quality, and they agree that the experience is more enjoyable the longer you use it. 

Because the regulated bass enhances and elevates even the most sensitive notes. Its board provides a lot of power and works on its input for surround system integration in a very nice way, which helps to create crisp, clear sound.

Whether you’re watching a thriller or listening to soothing music, you won’t miss a note and will feel immersed in the situation.

The sound components they employed only produce a high-quality version. You can sense the authoritative foundation that does not break and does not distort.

If sound quality or rhythm often varies in music or movies, the frequency response and phase shift manage it effectively. Whatever your speaker looks like will generate rich, powerful sounds and perform at its best.

Here is an example of the Marantz PM8006 Sound quality:

Marantz PM8006 Sound Test

Build quality

The Marantz PM8006’s most notable feature is arguably HDAM Technology. Its sound quality is transformed by the Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module (HDAM). 

Thanks to this technology, you get a rich, immersive experience that catches every element of your favorite music or movies. It serves several purposes and distinguishes the Marantz PM8006 from its competitors.

To accomplish the HDAM features, Marantz’s professional developers created their discrete circuit board. Circuit boards have replaced the conventional ICs. 

Additionally, signal pathways are included on the board for surface mount components. They add to the amplifier’s exceptional performance.

Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amplifier with New Electric Volume Control and Phono-EQ for Vinyl Playback | Connect Multiple Audio Sources | Flexible Configurations for More Power to Speakers

The Marantz PM8006 produces 70 watts per channel in 8 ohms and 100 watts per channel in 4 ohms. The electrical resistance between two or four locations on a conductor is measured in ohms. This power output rating indicates the maximum loudness you can reach.

It works well in a medium-sized room with no need for the highest power rating. Please keep in mind that before you set up an amplifier, you should calculate the power output of your arrangement.

An amp’s two-stage amplification system is one of the most critical components of any amplifier for signal strength and quality.

Its primary goal is to boost voice volume and make it more lifelike. The divider’s R1 and R2 forms provide the necessary voltage to the transistor, while R3 acts as a load resistor, allowing the amplifier to magnify the voltage of the input signs effectively. 

In other words, R3 provides the real amplified signal in the first stage. On the other hand, the second step restores the signal to its original phase. It increases the audio current while lowering the output impedance.

Key Features

  • Integrated Current Feedback Amplifier with 2x 70W / 8 ohm RMS
  • Electric volume circuit for highest accuracy and best channel separation
  • Exceptional Marantz Musical Phono EQ stage
  • Marantz proprietary HDAM-SA3 circuits

Setting Up

1. Insert AAA batteries into the remote control.

2. Connect the speakers to the amplifier

Remove 10 mm of sheathing from the speaker cable’s tip, then twist or solder the core wire securely. To release the speaker terminal, turn it counterclockwise and put the speaker cable’s core wire into it. Finally, tighten the speaker terminal by turning it clockwise.

3. Connect the CD player to your amplifier

4. Plug the power cord into an electrical power outlet

Set the speakers for audio output to SPEAKERS A after turning on the amplifier’s power when the power is on.

5. Begin Playback

Select “CD” as the input source, then play the CD player. Adjust the output volume to your liking.

Pros and Cons


  • 6 audio inputs.
  • The two-stage amplification system for rich sound in large spaces.
  • HDAM technology.
  • Its 4-ohm resistance for compatibility with most speakers/headphones.
  • Source direct mode.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Bluetooth capabilities are limited.
  • Pricey

Which is better?

The PM8006 is rated at 70 watts in 8 Ohms and 100 watts in 4 Ohms, whereas the PM7000N is rated at 60 watts and 80 watts. 

Marantz Current Feedback Amplification and their Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules, the HDAM-SA3, are also included in the PM7000N and a newly built pre-amplifier circuit and moving-magnet phono-stage. 

A new DAC circuit is also included based on the Asahi Kasei AK4490 chip. While the PM7000N is a one-box solution, it provides more than enough inputs for anyone using various sources. 

Furthermore, the PM7000N Streaming Amp is built heavily on the PM8006, which gives you a good premise of what to expect from the former.

The PM8006 reigns supreme in terms of connectivity. But if you’re looking for a new amplifier for a decent price range, the Marantz PM7000N Streaming Amplifier is well worth a look. 

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