Marantz PM7000N vs NR1200 – Which is Better?

Marantz is known for producing some of the best amplifiers and receivers in the world. In this article, we will be comparing two very popular products, the Marantz PM7000N vs NR1200. We will be going over their features, benefits, drawbacks, overall quality, setup, and which one best suits you.

If you are unsure of the difference between a amplifier and a receiver, you can read about it here.

What’s in the box?

Owner’s manualYesYes
Stereo receiverYes
Integrated amplifierYes
6′ AC power cordYesYes
Remote controlYes (RC004PM)Yes (RC041SR)
BatteriesYes(2 AAA)Yes(2 AAA)
AntennasYes(2 Bluetooth/WLAN )Yes(2 WiFi/Bluetooth)
FM wire antennaYes
AM loop antennaYes
Quick Start GuideYesYes
Warranty InformationYesYes
Bluetooth/WiFi Certified noteYes
Spotify noteYes

Marantz PM7000N

Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier HEOS Built-in Supports Digital and Analog Sources Compatible with Amazon Alexa Phono Input

The Marantz PM7000N integrated amplifier is one of several excellent-sounding audio products that condense the audiophile landscape into something more accessible without compromising quality. 

While the bulky black box doesn’t feature speakers, it does include a DAC, network streaming, Apple AirPlay, multiple line inputs, numerous digital inputs, and a phono section. 

In addition to its many features and versatility, the PM7000N has enough power to power most speakers. It delivers 60 Wpc into an 8-ohm load and 80Wpc into a 4-ohm load. 

It includes four analog inputs, two optical inputs, a coaxial input, USB, moving-magnet phono, and two optical inputs, which effectively cover all musical material types. Still, Marantz also includes the previously stated AirPlay and Bluetooth – which is a nice touch.

Because it includes AirPlay, the PM7000N may be used as a Roon zone, making it very convenient. The DAC supports 24bit/192kHz and DSD5.6, which is plenty for my whole digital collection.

There’s no need to add any extra cable because WiFi is incorporated into the machine, although Marantz supplies an Ethernet connector just in case. 

The PM7000N will have no trouble accessing shared music folders. However, browsing the directories on Marantz’s little screen can be slightly difficult. 

If you want, there’s also Google Assistant and Alexa. Finally, there’s Internet radio, as if all of this wasn’t enough.

Sound quality 

Marantz joins the streaming world with the PM7000N without abandoning the Marantz history and dedication to sound and the design innovations created here.

Fast, detailed, rich, and most importantly, well-controlled sound. It makes no difference if the PM7000N plays louder or softer music; regardless of your musical preferences, the PM7000N will wow you equally well, regardless of the complexity or genre.

Despite the lack of a huge picture, its soundstage is broad and deep, and the bass is rather basic than voluminous or ponderous. 

Classical music, jazz, symphonic music, and any live recording sound great with this combination. But only on CD-quality files or greater because compression doesn’t remove airiness, detail, or sensitive articulation. 

The Marantz PM7000N features a more mature sound than its predecessor, the PM7005. Its general character is still dense and hefty, but with more brilliance and dynamics, and via brightness and considerably greater dynamics, it has gained more strength, volume, and momentum.

There is no attenuation in the bass, which is clear and nicely controlled. In this price bracket, this is the most vibrant and energetic amplifier in the Marantz family. You can read more about if Marantz is a good brand here.

Here’s a sample of the Marantz PM7000N’s Sound Quality:

Marantz PM7000N Sound Test

Build quality 

Without speakers, the PM7000N is meant to be a one-box solution. It may be dropped into a connected home and quickly assume command. Tone controls are included on the front panel of the PM7000N. 

The Marantz PM7000N amp resembles most Marantz amps these days in terms of appearance. It’s a bulky black box with blue LEDs, a decent-sized but still little screen, a large input knob, a large volume control knob, and those tone-control knobs, similar to the newer Marantz PM8006.

A 3/4inch headphone jack is included, which is always a welcome addition. The front plate tapers significantly on the edges, giving the device a wind-swept appearance.

With its built-in DAC, the PM7000N considerably outweighs the PM6007 weight. However, the amplifier is more similar to the PM8006, an analog hi-fi classic, in body height, internal structure, and outputs. 

It lacks its predecessor’s thick metal cover and the hefty triple chassis, but it has all of the other features. Additionally, it retains the Marantz design style while deviating somewhat from the standard. 

The PM7000N includes a front-panel OLED display instead of a backlit display, with separate buttons for power, input selection, volume, menu navigation, balancing, and direct source mode.

There’s also a 0.25-inch headphone jack and EQ control knobs to tweak the treble and bass levels to fit your system and tastes. 

In terms of size, it’s huge, measuring 17.3 x 4.9 x 14.9 inches and weighing 27.9 pounds. It is built of a mix of metal and metal-like plastic.

Key Features

Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier HEOS Built-in Supports Digital and Analog Sources Compatible with Amazon Alexa Phono Input
  • 2-Channel Amplifier Configuration
  • 60W per Channel Power Output
  • WiFi, Ethernet, AirPlay 2, HEOS
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Voice Assistant & HEOS App Control
  • 3x Stereo RCA Inputs, 1x Phono MM Input
  • Digital Coaxial, 2x Optical Inputs
  • Toroidal Transformer

Setting Up

Step 1

Replace the batteries in the remote control.

Step 2 

Connect the amplifier to the speakers.

Step 3 

Connect the amplifier to the television (Optional)

Step 4 

Connect the power wire to a wall socket.

Step 5 

Connect to the internet

Step 6 

Install the HEOS App

Step 7

Enjoy listening to your audio through your TV and other platforms.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid amplifier fundamentals
  • Full HEOS and multiroom support
  • Good phono stage


  • Bluetooth SBC only

Marantz NR1200

Marantz NR1200 AV Receiver (2019 Model), 2-Channel Home Theater Amp, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Heos + Alexa, Immersive Audio, Auto Low Latency Mode, Smart Home Automation (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The Marantz NR1200 is a high-performance two-channel receiver developed from the ground up to give Marantz’s distinctive sound and an astounding power output of 75 watts per Channel. 

Despite the receiver’s compact design being less than the height of a CD case. The Marantz NR1200’s amplification unit has been redesigned with independent, symmetrical left and right power amplifiers. 

Each vital function has its windings powered by a centralized power source. That means the power transformer is routed separately from the amplifier, preamplifier, wireless module, and front display circuits, resulting in improved channel separation, reduced crosstalk, and improved clarity.

According to Marantz, the new Marantz stereo receiver also has two distinct DACs per Channel, which increases the dynamic range and improves the signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in crisper sound from lower-quality sources.

Sound quality 

Marantz’s equipment is commonly believed to be the least stereotypically ‘Japanese’ sounding of the Japanese house brands.

Even when their budget amps weren’t hot-rodded by Ken Ishiwata, they emanate enthusiasm and drive that may be lacking in their more laid-back competitors. 

The NR1200’s ability to accomplish more than older stereo amplifiers hasn’t affected this minor boost in energy. 

Additionally, the Marantz provides the title track with enough energy and ferocity to engage you and get your head moving while also enjoying the extremely overlooked Deep Down and Dirty by the Stereo MCs.

When tested without the subwoofer, the Marantz indicates that part of the urgency comes from slightly lighter bass extension, which is primarily a favorable trade-off because it aids the impression of speed and overall get-up-and-go. 

It has a very distinct bass that starts and finishes convincingly. It seems a little slim with a little sealed box speaker like the A1. It’s likely to improve things when paired with a cheap floor-stander, formerly the left and right speakers of a five-channel kit reused as a stereo pair.

The high-end is also instantly appealing. Rather than the very ubiquitous ESS Sabre, the NR1200 employs an AKM DAC. 

Whether it’s due to this or other factors in the digital stage, the NR1200 manages to mix a little bright top-end with enough sweetness to keep even the worst recordings polished enough to appreciate.

Here is a sample of the Marantz NR1200’s sound quality:

Marantz NR1200 Sound Test

Build quality 

The Marantz NR1200 is intended to fit into any audio/video setup easily. The Marantz NR1200 offers five HDMI inputs and one HDMI monitor output with ARC capabilities in the video. 

HDCP 2.3, 4K UHD 60hz video, 4:4:4 Pure Color subsampling, HLG, HDR10, 21:9 video, 3D, and BT.2020 pass-through are all supported by the HDMI port of the Marantz NR1200. 

In addition, the HDMI inputs on the Marantz display automatically rename themselves based on the information given by the source. You may use the TV remote to operate the Marantz NR1200 on a Smart TV.

The Marantz NR1200 boasts built-in WiFi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band capability for digital audio streaming (the unit has dual antennae on the rear panel). The Marantz NR1200 uses Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and the HEOS built-in app to connect to digital audio sources.

Marantz NR1200 AV Receiver (2019 Model), 2-Channel Home Theater Amp, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Heos + Alexa, Immersive Audio, Auto Low Latency Mode, Smart Home Automation (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The Marantz NR1200’s built-in DAC can decode ALAC, FLAC, and WAV lossless digital files at 24bit/192 kHz. The Marantz NR1200 also supports DSD recordings at 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz. 

Its front panel of the Marantz even contains a USB connection. Major assistants and streaming services like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri offer voice control. Coaxial and Optical digital inputs and a network connection are available on the rear panel.

If you have Bluetooth headphones, the Marantz NR1200 will broadcast to them, allowing you to listen to music wirelessly. 

Bluetooth is also accessible for mobile devices, allowing users to stream wireless content from Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal services. 

Its built-in HEOS for music streaming is also available on the Marantz NR1200. The Marantz NR1200 offers a full feature AM/FM tuner function if you wish to use old analog sources. 

Using a moving magnet cartridge with the Marantz NR1200’s phono input may be used. There are three audio RCA inputs on the back panel: Zone output, pre-amp output, and twin subwoofer output. Speaker A and B outputs are available on the Marantz NR1200.

Key Features

  • At 8 Ohms, up to 75W per Channel is possible.
  • Pass-Through in 4K UHD
  • HDMI support for HDR, ARC, and 3D
  • 5 HDMI inputs/1 HDMI output
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 Connectivity
  • HEOS Connectivity
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Control
  • Front-Panel USB Connectivity
  • Discrete Amp Design
  • GUI On-Screen Display

Setting Up

Scan Networks

1. Choose the network you want to connect to from the list of wireless networks. If you cannot discover the network, you can rescan.

2. Select “OK” after entering your password.

iOS Device

1. Connect to the network via your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad). When you use WiFi to connect your iOS device to this unit, the unit will automatically join the same network as your smartphone.

2. On the TV screen, select “Use iOS Device.”

3. Make sure your iOS device is connected to the wireless LAN (WiFi) router, then pick “Marantz NR1200” from the “SET UP NEW AIRPLAY SPEAKER…” menu at the bottom of your iOS device’s WiFi settings screen.

4. On the iOS device’s screen, tap “Next.”

WPS Router

1. You’ll need a WPS-compatible router to connect via the push-button technique.

2. On the TV screen, select “Push Button.”

3. Enter WPS mode by pressing the WPS button on the router you wish to connect to. Each router has a different time for pressing the button.

4. Within 2 minutes, select “Connect” on the TV screen.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • Compact
  • Excellent Sound


  • It has a lightness about it.
  • There are a few small operating issues with HEOS.
  • The phono stage is adequate.

Which is better? 

The Marantz NR1200 is a fantastic stereo receiver with about every function we could think of. It’s difficult to disagree with what Marantz has put up here if you know you’ll utilize them. 

And one exception here is that more isn’t necessarily better than the PM7000N. The NR1200’s range of capability may be bewildering at times, and not every section received the same level of refinement.

It’s important to note that the PM700N incorporates high-grade audio hardware, current feedback HDAMs, a toroidal transformer, and a high-speed current power supply, making it a great choice for audiophiles who want Marantz melodic sound and music streaming. 

Although the PM7000N is more expensive due to the added features and more power, I would recommend you choose that over the NR1200.

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