Jamo S801 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Jamo was founded in 1968 by Preben Jacobsen, and since then, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of loudspeakers and home entertainment systems in the whole world. Their products have a reputation for being durable and can produce outstanding sound quality.

The S801 is a great example of Jamo’s reputation for making high-quality speakers. It is an entry-level bookshelf speaker with a smaller size than its competitors in its category but can still produce high-quality audio.

Judging a speaker in just one look can lead you to wrong conclusions, which is why we will be making a thorough review of the product so that you can assess on your own whether the product fits your needs.

Sound Quality

Jamo S 801 Bookshelf Speaker Black - Pair

The Jamo S801 is an entry-level bookshelf speaker under Jamo’s Studio8 Series. The speaker comes with a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter for producing high frequencies, and a 4-inch polyfiber woofer for the low and mid frequencies.

Audio Specification of the Jamo S 801:

Jamo S 801Specifications
Driver1” Soft Dome Tweeter
4” Polyfiber Woofer
Frequency Response76 Hz to 26 kHz
Impedance8 Ohms
Crossover2 kHz
Efficiency85 dB
Power Handling60 W / 120 W

The speaker’s soft-dome tweeter produces a very smooth and refined high-frequency response, which is pleasing to hear. The company’s placement of its tweeters results in a more dynamic reproduction of the high frequencies, and it does not easily get distorted even if the volume is cranked up.

For a tiny bookshelf speaker, you will expect it not to produce a good bass response, but it has exceeded my expectations. It produces great bass as it has a nice low-frequency response which is perfect for small living rooms. The lowest frequency it can go down on paper is not that impressive, but it is still decent for its size.

Its woofer is able to produce a high-quality mid-frequency response, which is impressive for a 4-inch driver. Using it for watching movies and listening to music, you will appreciate how clear and detailed it reproduces the mid frequencies as you can hear the vocals and instruments with clarity.

The bookshelf speaker has a nominal power of 60 watts and a peak power of 120 watts, so they can go loud easily with minimal distortion in a small living room if you use a power amplifier within its recommended specifications. Additionally, it has 85 decibels of sensitivity, which is great for a speaker of a small size.

The bookshelf speaker has an overall frequency response of 76 Hz up to 26 kHz, which is decent for a compact speaker. The speaker can do its job properly, whether you use it as a home cinema speaker or a hi-fi speaker. Although it can only go down to 76 Hz, for its size and price it is still a high-quality speaker.

Overall, the Jamo S801 has one of the best sound qualities for an entry-level bookshelf speaker on the market. Even though it lacks a little bit on low-frequency response, it is understandable as it has one of the smallest sizes in its category. Its weakness is made up by its performance in reproducing mid and high frequencies, which is clear and detailed.

Build Quality

The Jamo S801 is the smallest bookshelf speaker under Jamo’s Studio8 Series. It has a contemporary and elegant design, with durable materials used to ensure its lifespan is as long as possible. Many technologies from Jamo were utilized in making this speaker ensure that they will produce a high-quality speaker with great build quality.

Build Specifications of the Jamo S 801:

Jamo S 801Specifications
Dimensions 28.5 x 15.6 x 16.3 cm (11.22 x 6.14 x 6.42”)
Weight2.7 kg (6.0 lbs)
Cabinet MaterialMedium Density Fiberboard
DesignBass Reflex 
Port1 x Rear-firing

The speaker’s enclosure is made of medium-density fiberboard, which is an industry-standard material for making speaker cabinets. The speaker is durable and stable, so it does not easily topple unless a greater force pushes it.

Its soft-dome tweeter is made of silk, which is a durable and high-quality material that manufacturers frequently use for their high-frequency drivers. Using the company’s patented WaveGuide technology, it uniquely shapes the tweeter’s faceplate, resulting in a dynamic and true-to-life reproduction of the high frequencies.

The woofer in the speaker is made of Polyfiber, which is a modern material that is frequently used nowadays by audio companies for their drivers. It is durable and can move smoothly, so there is no problem even if you crank up the volume of the power amplifier, as it only produces minimal distortion.

Jamo S 801 Bookshelf Speaker Black - Pair

The speaker has a bass-reflex design with one rear-firing slot port, which results in a great low-frequency response. Even though the cabinet is small, it is still able to produce a punchy and tight bass thanks to its design. The speaker’s design enables it to maximize its full potential in producing a balanced sound and nice bass.

The speaker comes with full magnetic grilles, which gives it a clean and minimalistic front design. Its large woven linen grille cloth looks very nice, as it is able to create visual interest for some curious eyes because of its heavy texture. You can also remove the grille easily if you want to expose the speakers.

The speaker is available in three finishes: Black, Walnut, and White. Their finishes are very clean and refreshing to look at, as it has a modern design, which is perfect for every living room. Its size and weight are excellent features that greatly suit urban living and premium environments.

Overall, the Jamo S 810 is an excellent option if you are looking for an entry-level bookshelf speaker with outstanding build quality. It is a compact speaker, but the materials used in making it is of high quality, so you can expect it to work for a very long time. Its aesthetics is impressive and top-notch, as well.

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The Jamo S801 is a passive bookshelf speaker, so it is highly expected to have limited control options. The speaker does not have any wireless connectivity option like Bluetooth Technology, so it is impossible for you to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the speaker wirelessly.

The bookshelf speaker comes with a pair of single binding posts to connect your speaker to a recommended power amplifier. This is the only way you can use your speaker to be able to listen to music or hear the movie audio. The binding posts are durable, so you can expect that the connection will be stable.

Another control option for this speaker is its built-in passive crossover. Crossovers are essential in lengthening the lifespan of the speakers, as they protect them from blowing off. The speaker’s crossover frequency is 2 kHz, which is a little low compared to others, but it is still great as it protects the speakers from any damage.

Overall, there is not much to expect from Jamo S801 when it comes to control options, as it is normal for a passive speaker to have limited control options. Although passive speakers are limited when it comes to this, they are still trusted by the consumers because of their sound quality, durability, and price, and this speaker is a great example of that.


If you only consider Jamo S801’s sound quality for the price it is offered, then it is an excellent deal. For an entry-level speaker, its price point is enticing for everyone who’s looking for a pair of compact speakers with excellent sound quality. The balanced sound it produces is astonishing for its size, so there is no doubt that its worth is more than its value.

For its price point, the speaker’s build quality is outstanding. Its aesthetics and its durability are top-notch, and the materials used are all high quality. It looks simple but elegant, especially with the walnut finish. The materials used in its drivers are industry-standard, so there is no need to worry when you crank the volume, as it can manage by producing minimal distortions only.

When it comes to control options, the speakers lack what other speakers can offer, but it is already compensated for its excellent sound and build quality. One thing is that you should not expect much regarding control options for passive speakers, so for its price point, it is still worth it.

Overall, the Jamo S801 is one of the best-priced entry-level bookshelf speakers in the market. Its sound and build quality are excellent, and even if it has limited control options, the technologies utilized in making this speaker totally compensated for it, which is why purchasing a pair of these speakers is an excellent investment that you should make.

Pros and Cons


  • Nice overall sound quality
  • Excellent high-frequency response
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Durable
  • Affordable price point


  • Lacks a little bass
  • Limited control options
  • Not powerful enough for large living rooms


If you are looking for an entry-level bookshelf speaker with excellent sound and build quality, then you should look into the Jamo S801. The technologies that are used in making this speaker are impressive, as it pushes the speaker to its maximum potential. Even if it lacks a little bit of bass, its mid and high-frequency performance is still on par with other top bookshelf speakers in its category.

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