Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $2000 (Reviewed)

Many brands manufacture floorstanding speakers, but if you want the best experience then you need to choose the one that is worth your every penny.

To help you out, we have listed six of the best floorstanding speakers under $2000. The details of each of the speakers are given below along with their pros and cons. Go through it and pick the best one for you.

Top Pick: Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker (PAIR)

Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Speaker (PAIR)
Source: Amazon

Do you wish to raise your standard of listening? In that case, you can rely on the performance and excellent sound quality of Klipsch RP-280F towers. These powerful floor-standers are the largest speakers in Klipsch’s Reference Premiere family.

Each of the speakers is equipped with dual 8 Cerametallic woofers and Hybrid Tactrix Horn to provide you with the quality of sound that you are looking for. With a pair of these floor-standers, you can fill a larger room with theatre-quality sound experience.

These are the best floorstanding speakers you are getting within this price range. With Klipsch RP-280F towers you can discover a dynamic sound system to transform your listening experience.


Additionally, these speakers are designed with flared openings that direct sound waves toward your listening space.

This helps prevent the sound from spreading out in all directions. This unique design reduces reflections and also increases efficiency. It is because of this feature that you can enjoy a crystal-clear sound at all volume levels.

Klipsch’s Hybrid Tractrix horn is designed with a circular throat around a titanium diaphragm tweeter to provide you with a cleaner and better transition of sound waves into your listening area.

The horn material is upgraded to molded silicone rubber which helps reduce resonance for warmer and smoother highs.

Unlike other floor-standers, Klipsch is known to utilize a Tractrix horn-shaped opening for a smoother flow of air in and out of the cabinet.

This results in reduced air turbulence and thus, gives you a more powerful bass. Not just that but it reduces low-frequency distortion and port noise as well.  

Klipsch is known to make its cones with treated aluminum which is both strong and lightweight.

This helps in preventing distortion and dampening. Klipsch woofers are also equipped with a titanium voice coil which promotes more linear movement for increased efficiency, extended low-frequency response, and lower distortion. 


These high-performing speakers are also aesthetically pleasing. It is constructed with a three-coat paint and polish process which gives it a true black piano finish. In addition, these speakers are designed to appear edgeless from every possible angle.

If you are in search of a floor-standing speaker that will give you the full value of your money then this could be the one for you.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Enhanced bass
  • Attractive design 
  • Dual 8 cerametallic woofers 


  • None 

Here’s our article on the best floorstanding speaker under $1000.

Klipsch RP-8060 Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch RP-8060 Floorstanding Speaker
Source: Amazon

Redesigned for excellence, the all-new Reference Premiere family comes with cutting-edge technology to give you the ultimate home theatre experience.

This is an improved version of Klipsch’s award-winning Reference Premiere series speakers. With that, it is designed with the latest technological audio advancements along with dramatic cosmetic and premium material upgrades.


The RP-8060FA Dolby Atmos floor standing speaker is equipped with a built-in elevation channel speaker on the top of the speaker that is provided to reflect sound off the ceiling. Giving you an overhead Dolby Atmos experience.

Also, it is equipped with stereo sound for better listening.

As you may already know, Dolby Atmos is the biggest advancement in home and cinema audio to date. With the integration of the elevation speakers, you can get the best audio quality from the speakers.

The integrated speaker terminals are placed low on the speaker cabinet for an unobtrusive connection.

The floor-standers are also equipped with Klipsch’s Tractrix horn technology that ensures high-frequency energy aimed directly toward your listening area.

This helps in reducing artificial reverb and thus, you get the clearest and lifelike sound possible. With the vented tweeter housing, it reduces standing waves that create unpleasant harmonics. 

The floor speakers also have Cerametallic woofers which happen to be the signature statement of Klipsch. This rigid and lightweight material holds its shape while delivering you lower frequencies with maximum efficiency.

Another excellent feature is that the rear Tractrix port is perfectly matched to the woofers and cabinet. This helps the speakers to create the perfect airflow with minimum distortion even at the lowest frequencies.

In addition to this, it also comes with two input terminals which allow you to bi-amp your speakers for a custom experience.


With the ebony and walnut finish, the speakers are also made aesthetically pleasing. It boasts a scratch-resistant finish along with a modern look.

Made with cast aluminum, it is mechanically engineered to reduce surface area. With this, it promotes tighter and faster, low frequencies with more details.

From performance to design, the RP8060-FA has got everything on point. These high-performing speakers are one of a kind. Anyone looking for options to enhance their listening experience can opt for this model.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Stylish design
  • Clear sound quality
  • Dolby Atmos


  • Requires an amplifier

Q Acoustics Concept 40 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

Q Acoustics Concept 40 Floorstanding Speaker Pair (Gloss White)
Source: Amazon

Concept 40-floor standing speakers are not only slim and elegant but they are designed to set the standard high. If you wish to transform your living room into a theatre then this could be the choice for you.

Concept 40’s unbeatable soundstage is achieved by incorporating excellent drive units into a lacquered, GelcoreTM ultra-low resonance cabinet.


It is because of the ultra-low resonance design that the dual 125mm drive units and wide dispersion 25mm tweeter can give you the best performance. The combination of increased bass extension for realism and high sensitivity for dynamics make the speakers worthwhile.

Another highlight of the speaker is the brushed aluminum fascia plate. It’s a part of an assembly that holds a butyl rubber sheet to the front panel to lower the resonance in the panel that is facing the listener.

With 90dB sensitivity and an impedance of 8 ohms, the speakers can be used with any quality amplifier. With the help of a foam bung inserted into the rear-mounted reflex port, you can easily modify the bass response to suit positioning against a wall or a corner.

The speakers are known to utilize GelcoreTM cabinet construction, where dual layers of MDF are separated by a non-setting adhesive that converts the kinetic energy and disperses it as heat.

This helps in reducing distortion and thus, allow the drive units to give their optimal performance. In other words, you get a pure and uncolored sound.


These speakers are a true example of beauty and function. You can get the speakers in both multi-layered, lacquered white and black finishes.

With the tripod stand, the floor-standing speakers get the perfect rigidity and floor contact. This helps in improving performance even further. 

With all these features, there is no doubt that this is one of the best floor-standing speakers you will find today. It is designed to give you the best sound experience along with impressive looks.


  • Stylish design
  • Pure sound
  • GelcoreTM cabinet construction
  • Tripod stand provided
  • Slim and elegant
  • Excellent bass extension
  • Flexible positioning


  • None

Polk Audio LSiM 705 Superior Floorstanding Speaker

Polk Audio LSiM 705 Superior Floorstanding Speaker
Source: Amazon


With LSI M 705s you can create a high-end stereo music setup to turn your home into a theatre space. The latest LSi M series makes use of advanced speaker technology which comes fitted into a newly engineered enclosure. 

LSiM707 is designed to give you a realistic experience, pinpoint detail, deep bass, and transparent midrange reproduction.

Because of this, the floor-standing speakers are one of a kind and there is no other model as good as this one within this price range. 

It comes with 5″ x 7″ woofers for excellent audio performance. In addition to that, the oval shape of the woofers enables them to produce low-frequency sound while maintaining a narrow cabinet width.

Not just that, but each of the woofers is equipped with its PowerPort. This design positions “cones” at the mouth of the bass ports to remove any bass stealing turbulence. 

The 4-way design of the speakers helps the tweeter handle only the highest frequencies, the midbass handles the mid to low frequencies and the midrange handles the middle frequencies.

For the lowest frequencies, it has woofers. This separation enables each driver to deliver its optimum range. Because of this, it means you will get a clear sound with stunning impact.


It is designed with lightweight, rigid cast aluminum baskets for precision motor alignment. The cabinet is constructed with thick MDF along with a thicker front baffle to reduce distortion.

With separate chambers for each driver, it can eliminate standing waves and internal resonances. Not just that but it also increases the efficiency of each of the drivers. You can even bi-wire the speaker for enhanced performance.

The curved cabinet is finished with a premium real-wood veneer which adds to its gorgeous look. Parking these speakers in the living room will help you transform your entire space.


  • Pinpoint detail
  • 4-way design
  • Realistic experience
  • Stylish design
  • Clear clarity sound 


  • The design may not suit everyone

MartinLogan Motion 60XT Floorstanding Speakers – Pair

MartinLogan Motion 60XT Floorstanding Speakers - Pair
Source: Amazon

MartinLogan is one of the leading brands in the electrostatic loudspeaker industry. It is known to manufacture speakers that are every music lover’s favorite. The company launched the Design Series in 2003 which is its first non-electrostatic speaker.


Motion 60XT speakers are designed to play louder, lower, and with utmost accuracy. It is equipped with two 8″ woofers and rear-firing bass ports which is known to create deep bass, while a dedicated mid-woofer handles the midrange.

With folded Motion XT tweeter, it creates audible acoustic alchemy that gives you an incomparable experience.

Each of the speakers comes with dual sets of custom 5-way binding posts. This is provided for bi-wire/bi-amp capabilities and a rear-firing bass port. To create tighter coupling between speaker and floor, stability is improved with the help of spikes.

The speakers are the result of the most advanced and compact technologies combined with innovative engineering.

The folded motion tweeters are known to make use of low mass diaphragms that can “squeeze” air, and require less excursion which helps in reducing distortion and providing a lightning-fast response time.

The increased surface area provides a wide and controlled sound dispersion to give you an etched sound stage.


You can get the speaker in two finishes, the flawless black cherry wood finish and the piano black finish. The speakers are visually stunning and also deliver you great performance.

In short, these speakers are designed to give the listening experience that you have been looking for. You can now listen to your favorite tracks in clear clarity and deep bass.


  • Great design
  • Deep bass
  • Clear sound
  • Advanced technology


  • Less dynamic frequency range 

Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speaker
Source: Amazon

 If you are looking for the ultimate floor standing speakers then this could be the one for you. These speakers come equipped with all the features that you need in your speakers. Within this price range, this is one of the best deals you can get.


Redesigned and engineered, the Tractrix Horn is known to make use of a circular horn throat paired with a square horn mouth. This design helps in further improving high-frequency extension and response.

Along with that, it also improves dynamics and imaging.

Another excellent feature is the compressed molded rubber construction which contributes to high-frequency damping for enhanced detailing and lowered harshness. Because of this, it enables you to get the clearest and most natural sound possible.

The Klipsch RF-7 III speakers are equipped with a one 3/4″ Titanium Diaphragm compression driver which features a new phase plug design. This helps in enhancing the phase coherency at the throat of the horn.

As a result, you get an improved sound pressure linearity even at high frequencies.

As already mentioned once, the speakers also have Cerametallic woofers for better performance. When paired with the Tractrix horn-loaded compression driver, it provides the highest speaker efficiency.

The RF-7 III new bifurcated enclosure enables each 10” driver and port to work independently from the other. This helps in improving the linearity of both drive systems.

Along with that, it also reduces standing wave problems inside the cabinet. With the help of Tractrix geometry, the speakers promote a better air transfer from the cabinet.


Each 10” woofer is designed with a heavy-duty cast aluminum frame for resonant-free operation. Also, each of the woofers is equipped with a dual shorting-ring magnet structure design which helps in eliminating the modulation of the magnetic flux.

The speaker enclosures all utilize furniture-grade wood veneers. You can get the speakers in Black Ash, Cherry, and Walnut.


  • Dual woofers
  • Greta design
  • Variety available
  • Produces natural sound 
  • Great performance


  • Expensive

Floorstanding Speakers Buying Guide

When it comes to buying floor-standing speakers, you have to keep a few important things in mind. This will help you to choose the best model in the market. If you are buying a floorstanding speaker for the first time, then you should refer to the pointers given below.


Floorstanding speakers come with more than one driver which allows them for a large array of sound. Different floor standing speakers come with different drivers.

There are four main types of drivers that you should know about. Tweeter drivers are utilized for high and small frequencies ranging between 2000 to 30000 Hz.

Midrange drivers are used for sound that ranges from 500 to 2000 Hz. Then comes the woofer driver that is used for sound ranging between 40 to 1000 Hz. Floorstanders also have a subwoofer which helps in increasing the bass sound between 20 to 200 Hz.

Cabinet construction

When buying a floor-standing speaker, you must consider the construction of the cabinet. You need to make sure that your speakers come with anti-resonant cabinet construction.

It should also be able to reduce sound distortion. Other than that, you also need to take note of the material and finish of the cabinet. This is important so that you can choose an aesthetically pleasing speaker.

Another thing to consider is the footing of the cabinet. You are advised to choose a cabinet with padded feet so that it can be placed on hard floors in your room.


The most important specifications that you need to consider are the frequency range and sensitivity. Checking on these specifications will help you get the best speakers for your home. To learn more about this, you can read about it here.


The next important thing is the size of floor-standing speakers. You need to choose a speaker size that you can accommodate in the available space.

Before you set out to buy the speakers, you should first measure the place where you are planning to put them. Based on the available area in your room, you can get the speakers that you want.

Wire terminal configuration

Considering wire terminal configuration is also important. There are two types of terminals including spring clips and building post terminals. You will find spring clips mostly in low-end models.

As far as building post terminals are concerned, they are more versatile and sturdy. They also allow for various wire connections. Before you get the speakers make sure you check the type of wire terminal configuration it is provided with.


We hope this guide helped you in choosing the top floorstanding speakers for under $2000.

They are all designed to give you the best performance and audio quality. With these speakers, you can now enjoy all your favorite music and movie dialogue in great detail and bass.

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