Edifier S1000DB vs S2000Pro – Which is better?

Edifier is one of the top-selling brands when it comes to speakers. The speakers from this brand are equipped with the most innovative technologies. They also deliver top-notch performance and serve to be a good aesthetic addition to your living space.

In this in-depth comparison between the Edifier S1000DB and the S2000 Pro, we will be discussing all aspects such as sound quality, build quality, controls and some important things you need to consider.

The S1000DB is the better out of the two featuring a solid wood design and excellent sound quality. Don’t be fooled by the ‘pro’ in S2000 as the bass can be quite ‘muddy’ at higher levels and the ‘solid wood design’ is not made of real wood. At this price point, you would expect a more premium product.

Sound Quality

Edifier S1000DB

The sound quality that S1000DB can produce is outstanding thanks primarily to its dual driver that features a 5.5-inch bass driver boasting a 35W woofer and 25W tweeter. In total, both speakers can produce up to 120W of sound output.

If you compare it with the S2000Pro you will find it doesn’t come with much raw power but with the overall construction of this speaker, it can achieve better sound quality.

With these specs, these speakers can achieve a frequency response ranges from 48 Hz to 20 kHz. It means these 240W speakers can handle low and midrange sounds fairly well. And they won’t mess up the bass either. However, with every audio setup, I always recommend you buy a subwoofer.

These speakers come with inbuilt amplification and power supply. You will find this setup inside the right-hand speaker. Perhaps a longer cable would prove to be very functional but you will have to place these speakers close to your power outlet.

S1000DB also comes with the same type of SNR that is present in Edifier R1700BT as well as R2000DB. It means you will experience some small hiss from these speakers and it will increase as you increase the volume.

But you will significantly notice the mechanical displacement over time, S1000DB will start sounding better, even better than S2000Pro.

Edifier S2000Pro

Overall, I can describe S2000Pro as neutral when talking about its overall sound quality. But the sound that comes out of these speakers tends towards being pleasantly warm particularly in the midrange.

These speakers come with ribbon tweeters and do a fabulous job at the top end by producing a crisp sound. The soaring feel is something you can expect from any high-end speaker. And midrange frequencies are handled well and the speakers keep them as natural as possible.

Hence, these speakers are extremely responsive even if you play some of the busiest tracks you can find. However, these speakers are not great if we talk about studio response. Still, they do a fine job when it comes to handling the bass response. Although, it can sound a base too ‘boomy’ at higher volumes.

These speakers come with 5.5-inch woofers, but the robust panels and cabinets of these speakers deliver a solid sound. And the overall response is punchy and deep.

The frequency response of these speakers ranges between 48Hz and 20kHz and with a total output power of 120W, these speakers can handle vocals and instruments without compromising on bass.

Build Quality

Edifier S1000DB

In this price category, your speakers become more than just speakers. Now you are not looking at the sound quality only. You need other features like aesthetics and overall ease of use and multiple connectivity options.

But the good thing is, Edifier understands this and for that, they have provided wooden looks to these speakers that look very elegant. The refined look of these features will complement well with most of the applications out and you won’t need a separate designed suite to work with this setup.

Edifier claims it to be a studio speaker but at its core, these speakers have a bookshelf design. They are large and won’t work well if you consider them to be your computer speakers.

Each of these speakers is over 20 pounds in weight and it would be better for you not to move them around too much.

Edifier doesn’t mention which type of wood it has used in the construction of these speakers. The speakers are made of solid wood. It’s not vinyl like the one you see in R1700BT or in this case, the S2000PRO, despite claims that it is made from solid wood.

And the biggest advantage is, they won’t scratch easily and picking up fingerprints. Its center housing is equally solid and has a similar look to anodized aluminum.

Edifier S2000Pro

When we talk about S2000Pro speakers, they are quite close to S1000DB especially when it comes to building quality, aesthetics, and overall weight.

Each of these speakers weighs around 20 pounds, which means they are quite heavy, even more than S1000DB. But the good thing is, these speakers have a solid construction and the Edifier has properly branched them.

These are the features that are important for any audio device if you are looking to hear a quality sound and not the noise of displaced components inside the speakers. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any background noise interference in the final output.

However, Edifier mentions it is built with solid wood, but it is actually only printed on. At this price point, you would expect a much more premium product. This is not the case with the S1000DB as it does feel luxurious and matches its price point.

The only problem here is the plastic grilles these speakers have on their front. And Edifier has covered them with fabric. It might be a bit of unfair criticism, but these plastic grills don’t go well with the quality of wooden panels.


Edifier S1000DB

These speakers come with their controls on the rear side. Therefore, you will have to face some difficulty if you like to tinker frequently with the controls and adjustments.

All these controls are made of solid metal when you use them. There is a digital volume pot along with a couple of treble and bass dials. They provide you with 6dB of adjustment on both sides.

There are multiple inputs available on these speakers. They come with Bluetooth aptX 4.0 technology along with RCA inputs and TV optical input and coaxial input.

The R1000DB also comes with a remote control that allows you to conveniently toggle between these controls without having to reach the backside of these speakers.

They will remain connected to a Bluetooth device unless you switch over to another source. And the best part is these speakers don’t have to go in pairing mode. They just connect with a device on a first come first serve basis.

This will come especially handy if you pair your speakers with multiple Bluetooth devices.

Edifier S2000Pro

The master speaker that has a bigger Eagle Eye design on the front, there is a back panel. This panel integrates multiple connectivity features. And the best part is; Edifier has placed them in an organized fashion. You will find inputs for optical, coaxial, XLR, and RCA.

These speakers also come with Bluetooth connectivity and support aptX codec, similar to the R1000DB.

It will connect to your wireless devices easily and very handy especially if you have different wireless devices up and running. And at this price point, the availability of this number of options is usually considered to be a hit.

There is a standard volume dial that will allow you to end the sound according to your requirements. You can conveniently alter bass and treble with these dials and can create a variety of sound profiles.

These speakers also come with a remote control to access all these controls without having to reach out to the back panel of these speakers. This remote will be a huge help for you if you like to work around the sound settings now and then.

Other Things to Consider


Edifier S1000DB

Edifier S1000DB is a pair of premium quality speakers that not only boosts performance but has the looks to back it up. There is a reason why these speakers come with a hefty price tag on them.

These speakers come with Bluetooth 4.0 aptX technology. It means you can stream high-quality sounds over a wireless connection with a minimal loss in quality.

Besides that, there are multiple connectivity features that you can use. These speakers come with Aux input as well as optical coaxial input. Therefore, you can connect them with multiple devices at the same time.

They also come with digital sound processing with a 5.5-ich midrange unit. The controls are all on the rear end so you can use your remote control to access them all with ease.

Without a doubt, all these features are something you can associate with a high-quality pair of speakers like S1000DB. And adding to that, these speakers come in a wooden encasement to add to the looks. If you don’t have any budget concerns, these speakers will serve you well over time and they are worth it at this price point.

Edifier S2000Pro

These speakers boast high-end audiophile specs as they come with a flat diaphragm and a 5.5-inch woofer. You will find multiple connectivity features here as well. Connect wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.0 or use any of the wired connections including RCA, Aux, or XLR ports for inputs.

While the lows sound great and low to medium levels, it does start to lose quality at the higher levels. This is where a subwoofer should come in.

All the controls are on its back panel so you can access them conveniently with remote control. Bluetooth connectivity comes with the latest 4.0 codec that ensures a lossless healing experience.

And it’s just not about the controls and sound quality with these speakers. S2000Pro looks aesthetically very pleasing with its wooden panel that will enhance the ambiance of your room.

However, it is disappointing that the solid wood is actually not real.

You might have to compromise on the plastic grill of these speakers with fabric cover on them. But that doesn’t mess around their overall appearance.


Edifier S1000DB

S1000DB is a pair of massive speakers with a larger footprint. The dimensions of these speakers are 11-inch x 8-inch x 13.50-inch and each of the speakers weigh around 20 pounds.

These speakers certainly don’t need to move around much. So, make sure you place them right the first time.

Edifier S2000Pro

S2000Pro speakers are even bigger than S1000DB, and of course, they are heavier too. The dimensions of these speakers are 20.28-inch x 17.32-inch x 14.57-inch and they weigh around 41 pounds in total.

You should place them one and don’t think about moving them again because it is tough to move them around. The good thing is, they come with a remote control so you don’t have to reach out at the back panel for accessing the controls.

Pros and Cons

Edifier S1000DB


  • These speakers come with 240W of total output power.
  • They feature a frequency response ranging from 48 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Boast a bass driver of 5.5-inch and treble driver of 1-inch.
  • You can access the controls via remote control.
  • They come with RCA, Bluetooth, coaxial, optical, and aux connectivity options.
  • These speakers have a high-quality wood finish.


  • These are expensive speakers.

Edifier S2000Pro


  • The overall power output of 120W.
  • The frequency range of 48 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Multiple connectivity options including coaxial, optical, aux, XLR, RCA, and Bluetooth.
  • Flat diaphragm with a 5.5-inch woofer
  • Remote control accessible.


  • These speakers are bulky in size and weight.
  • Not actually made of solid wood
  • Bass loses quality at higher volumes.


There you have it. Both S1000DB and S2000Pro are quality speakers. The S1000DB features premium quality materials and performs much better all things considered.

On the other hand, S2000Pro also comes with multiple features but loses some points for its bass quality at higher volumes and cheap wood.

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