Edifier R1700BT vs R2000DB – Which is better?

When it comes to bookshelf speakers, Edifier is among the top brands. These speakers look immensely appealing but it’s not just about the looks. These speakers produce high-quality sound and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly proposition, these are both fantastic options.

In this in-depth comparison, I will be discussing what the main differences are between the Edifier R1700BT and the Edifier R200DB.

Both the R1700BT and the R2000DB speakers target different users. If you are looking for an ‘all-round’ Bluetooth speaker for gaming and watching movies, choose the R1700BT. While the R2000DB speakers are better suited for audiophiles who love a deep bass.

Sound Quality

Edifier R1700BT

Let’s talk about the sound quality the Edifier R1700BT can produce. If you are a huge fan of listening to rhythmic music and soulful vocals, you will love these speakers.

These speakers truly sound fun with a nimble tune and lively enthusiasm. The R1700BT has a smooth approach and you won’t have to deal with any fussy noise either, thanks to the Dynamic Range Control and Digital Signal Processing.

These speakers have low-resolution streams using Bluetooth. And if you want to listen for long hours of comfortable music, these speakers are the right way to go, they do a great job if you use them for gaming or movies.

If you are interested in the vocals, you will notice these speakers do justice to those mid-range sounds as well. However, you will notice a bit of thinness towards the treble’s edge with the 19mm Eagle Eye. But it doesn’t turn into something sharp and you won’t need to tone it down with your EQ.

But these speakers don’t handle bass quite well. Even at quieter volumes, the bass that comes from these speakers overshadows everything else almost comically. The frequency response ranging between 60Hz to 20kHz is fairly low and you will be dissatisfied.

Edifier R2000DB Eagle Eye

Edifier R2000DB

The R2000DB is a bit pricey when you compare them with the R1700BT but they still are a good deal if you compare them with others in this range. But with a price hike from R1700BT to R2000DB, you will also notice that Edifier has also solved some of the problems overall, with most of the improvements coming in sound quality.

These Bluetooth speakers come with a 25mm tweeter (Eagle Eye) and you can imagine why these speakers can handle sound better if you compare them with R1700BT. The R2000DB can produce 120W of sound output which is more than double what the R1700BT can produce.

The frequency response of these speakers ranges from 55Hz to 20kHz and the low to mid-range sounds are handled fairly well here. The signal to noise ratio of the R2000DB is similar to R1700BT but the driver doesn’t make any discernible noise here.

However, in both these speakers, you will notice a slight hissing sound from the tweeter and as you raise the volume it becomes more noticeable. Nevertheless, this sound is much more audible in R1700BT as compared to R2000DB.

The R2000DB is much better if you consider the bass performance of these speakers. It does not sound as muddy and provides a far cleaner bass output for all low frequency sounds.

Whether you are listening to your favorite tunes at a low volume or want to top it out, these speakers deliver a much smoother output and would be a better choice for music listeners.

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Build Quality

Edifier R1700BT

At first glance, you might think these speakers are made of solid wood due to their appearance and outlook. But it’s just a medium-density fiberboard that has a walnut vinyl covering on it.

However, they look splendid and they will be a centerpiece on your bookshelf due to their gorgeous looks. It’s a perfect blend of contemporary and classic design. The brown on the sides go well with the black in front and the top.

If you remove the cover from the front, they will look even better with Eagle Eye tweeters on the display along with the 4-inch bass driver. There is a front-facing bass post right at the bottom.

You won’t have to worry about any proximity effect as the bass port is in front. It also means you can conveniently place these speakers anywhere you want. However, speaker height is an important factor to consider.

These speakers don’t have a big footprint but they still are big if you compare them with your conventional computer speakers.

Edifier R2000DB

The R2000DB speaker is a much better option when it comes to looks as it provides a more modern design. All the controls are on its backside but you can access everything using a remote control as well.

This design directs the sound towards the listener along with the treble and midrange. The control knobs are all made of aluminum and they have quite a smooth feel when you turn them for adjustment.

There is an LED light that tells you about the current operational and connectivity status of your speakers. All the controls are on the backside but you can access them via remote control as well.

These speakers look extremely nice on your tabletop on the inside of a shelf.

But if you compare the R2000DB with the R1700BT, you will see there is a significant amount of difference in the built quality. Now, I’m not saying that the build quality and looks of the R1700BT is poor, but the R2000DB has a more robust build and feel about it.

And that is not a big surprise considering the price jump from R1700BT to R2000DB. But you will need a significantly bigger shelf to place your R2000DB because they are much bigger than the R1700BT.

The medium-density fiber that Edifier uses makes an appearance here as well but this time around it features a leather texture. The sides of this speaker have a glossy finish and look very modern. And the best part is, this speaker is not prone to catch fingerprints on it.


Edifier R1700BT

The speakers come with easily accessible controls. On the right side, you have volume, treble, and bass and there is an LED light as well present on the countersunk panel of these speakers.

This LED light glows green when you select line-in and turns blue when you turn on the Bluetooth mode. All the dials are made of quality aluminum and have a very nice feel. They give a smooth movement when you do adjustments.

On the backside, the speaker features a double RCA input. There is a left speaker-out control along with a power switch. The left speaker only has a jack for the interconnection.

The pairing and connection over Bluetooth with any of your mobile devices is quick and simple. You just have to turn on the Bluetooth mode on the speakers with the volume knob and allow your mobile device to detect it.

Edifier R2000DB

There is not much difference when you have a look at the controls of an R2000DB speaker and compare it with the R1700BT. The only difference is these controls are available on the backside of the speakers.

Therefore, it would be a better choice for you to use these controls using the remote control that comes with this speaker.

You will notice that you can easily shift through your songs even if you are two rooms away and the pairing doesn’t take much time. It will connect to the first available device rather than the last paired one, thus making pairing even easier.

This speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and supports moderate latency. So, you can use them for movies and games but they are not your ideal choice. You will experience some quality loss but you can make that up if you want with a wired connection.

There is a LED light present right on the front and is illuminated blue when the Bluetooth mode is on. It will turn on red for the optical mode and green for the line-in mode.

The speakers remain connected with the Bluetooth device even when the line mode is on. And you can conveniently switch between them.

The EQs are available on the backside of the speaker and are accessible on the remote as well. There are a couple of inline inputs along with a Bluetooth mode.

Other Things to Consider


Edifier R1700BT

If you are looking for a decent pair of speakers to use for watching TV or playing video games or even watching movies then Edifier R1700BT speakers are good.

And with that being said we would suggest these speakers are a great addition to your overall PC setup.

They look pretty nice on your table and add to the overall look of your entire setup. And of course, you don’t have to empty your bank balance to get them either.

There are one of the best options for you to consider if you are looking for a budget-friendly option but don’t want to compromise on quality and looks.

Edifier R2000DB

The R2000DB is better in terms of build and quality and of course the overall performance if you compare them with the R1700BT. But you will also have to pay a lot more.

These speakers are more versatile in terms of overall performance and functionality because they can handle low and midrange sounds well. It means they can work well as your gaming speakers and you can watch movies on them as well.


Edifier R1700BT

When you have a look at the overall size of these speakers you will see they are not massive in size. It means you can conveniently use them as your table speakers if you want.

They only weigh around 14 and a half pounds and their dimensions are 6-inch x 8-inch x 9.75-inch. And due to these dimensions, you can easily place them on a smaller shelf without any worries and still reach out to the controls on their backside.

Edifier R2000DB

On the other hand, the R2000DB is slightly bigger and you will need a much more stable base to have them on it. These speakers weigh around 21 and a half pounds and their dimensions are 9.5-inch x 11.25-inch x 7.5-inch.

It means they will be better suited on a slightly bigger shelf and you need to have enough room to reach out to the backside for the controls. But the good thing is, these speakers come with a remote control which will allow you easy access to the controls.

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, have a look at the R1700BT vs R1280DB comparison here.

Pros and Cons

Edifier R1700BT


  • All cables are included.
  • Dual RCA input.
  • Highly durable power switch.
  • Aluminum control knobs move smoothly.
  • Reset Bluetooth pairing.
  • The total power output of 66W.
  • Frequency response ranges between 60Hz and 20kHz.


  • Not the best option when it comes to listening to music.
  • Bass handling is very poor.

Edifier R2000DB


  • The total power output of 120W.
  • Frequency response ranges between 55Hz and 20kHz.
  • Bass driver of 5-inch alloy.
  • It can handle bass very well.
  • Durable power switch.
  • All cables are included.
  • The optical input is available.
  • Versatile operation.


  • Comes with a larger footprint.
  • A bit expensive.


Both these speakers, the R1700BT and the R2000DB are exceptional in their terms. The R1700BT is a more suitable option for gaming and watching movies and they are light in weight as well.

You can conveniently put them on your computer table as they look sleek with the walnut wood vinyl finish. And the best part is, they come at a very affordable price. But they don’t handle bass very well.

On the other hand, R2000DB is versatile and you can use them for gaming, watching TV, movies, and music. They can handle bass pretty well. But of course, you will have to pay more for the quality you are getting.

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