Edifier R1700BT vs R1280DB – Which is better?

The Edifier 1700BT vs 1280DB is one of the most common comparisons between bookshelf speakers as they are some of the best Edifier speakers on the market today, but what makes a good bookshelf speaker?

It should provide a wide frequency response, have good bass and treble output, and be easy to use. If you are looking for a bookshelf speaker that has all of these features, then the Edifier 1700BT is the one for you. However, thats not to take anything away from the 1280DB as it really packs a punch for its price, and holds some nice qualities too .

Both speakers offer great sound quality with plenty of room-filling power; they just differ in how they deliver it! Read on to find out more about each model’s specifications so that you can decide which one best suits your needs!

Edifier R1700BT

Why Should You Choose Edifier R1700BT?

The Edifier 1700BT features Bluetooth, WIFI and Spotify Connect meaning you can stream music from your phone or laptop wirelessly to the speaker using these connections. The speakers are bamboo wood finished so they look and sound natural with no unnatural colorings of any kind; this is perfect if you want a more holistic or ‘realistic’ experience.

You will also have the ability to play each device that works more flexibly than the others. Every device needs an audio source, and the Edifier 1700BT can be connected to a computer, gaming console, or via to your TV.

The speaker also features great sound quality due to the built-in DSP or Digital Signal Processing as well as DRC Dynamic Range Control that prevents distortion.

This particular model is also supplied with a dome tweeter that measures 19mm and also a bass driver, which is 4 inches that creates clear highs and rich lows.

The dome tweeter helps with the high frequencies, and the bass driver helps with the lower midrange. The tweeter is set at a higher frequency so as to not be drowned out by all of the other noise that may exist in your environment.

The speaker also has an integrated amplifier for better sound quality without needing external amplification from a receiver or other system. This makes it simple to connect-up these speakers and get started listening to music straight away!

Because of its port bass reflex facing front, the low frequencies are significantly emphasized, which provides powerful bass.

Tone Control

Bluetooth Connection – an easy pairing of a phone, computer, or tablet without using the hassle wires. It is suited for Android, iOS, Windows devices, or macOS.

Aux Input (2X) – offers convenient connectivity to whatever type of device for as long as it has an available headphone output measuring 3.5mm or dual output (RCA). You can easily attach it to two different devices at an equal time by using AUX, without the need to plug or switch it.

Remote control – It has a remote control, which is dense sized that will allow you to put it to low power mode consumption or standby mode with the power button on and off. You can adjust its volume then selecting input source across the room can be done conveniently.

Classic Wood – built with MDF wood, which is an excellent quality, finished with the use of walnut wood, vinyl works as a good compliment to whatever home décor you have.

The power output of the 1700BT is 66W, which is a lot of power that will allow you to hear precisely what you want.

The 1700BT dimensions are 25.4 cm (H): 15.4 cm (W): 21.4 cm (D). So its not overly big and should fit nicely in any room.

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Why Choose the Edifier R1280DB?

The Edifier R1280DB is an affordable bookshelf speakers that satisfy the needs of most people. That is what makes this model a great choice if you are in need of a new pair for your home or office.

This speaker will deliver crystal clear sound and it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which means that you can play music from any compatible device wirelessly to these speakers.

It also includes an auxiliary input so-you can continue using other wired devices without having to purchase anything else! The durable MDF construction ensures longevity while the walnut wood finish offers a stylish look that fits well into any decor style-whether classic or contemporary.

The sound quality of the Edifier 1280DB is comparable to the sound quality of other bookshelf speakers in its price range. However, the 4 inch bass driver is the same size as the 1700bt. So if bass is something you’re concerned about – rest assured they produce similar output.

The silk dome measures 13mm, which helps with the clarity of the higher frequencies. This is a significant advantage over other speakers in this price range, which can have lesser quality tweeters that don’t produce as clear sound and suffer from distortion at high volumes.

The Edifier 1280db also has digital inputs that allow for higher fidelity sound and easy connection to modern audio sources with lossless connectivity.

It also includes a headphone jack for private listening, which is great if you want to enjoy your music without disturbing others who are in the room with you.

A remote control is also included with the 1280DB , which not only makes it easier to change tracks or adjust the volume, but also allows you to turn on your speaker without having to get up. Great for if you’re feeling extra lazy!

There are controls that allow you to tailor the sound to your liking such as tweaking the bass or treble.

The Edifier 1280DB is a great speaker if you’re looking for realistic, immersive sound that makes up for its lack of bass with clarity and detail in highs and mids. It also comes at a cost-effective price point!

This speaker doesn’t produce as much audio power because it has a smaller woofer but it’ll still fill up an average sized room with sound.

The dimensions of the 1280DB are 146 x 241 x 178mm which means it’s not so heavy and can easily be carried from place to place or used as a center speaker.

The Edifier 1280DB is great for anyone who wants to get true surround sound without the hassle of spending buckets of money on higher-end speakers!


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Function placement is very convenient
  • Attractive design
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Warp at high volumes
  • Sensitive Bluetooth
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Edifier R1700BT vs R1280DB Comparison


n terms of the design and shape, both of them are almost similar to one another. As you take a look at both left and right sides, you would agree that they are almost equal to each other.

The edifier R1700BT’s design is a little bit different from the R1280DB. The R1700BT is a little more sleeker and compact in comparison to the 1280DB, which has an angled back that will allow it to be placed on any surface or wall without using up much space.

At the bottom, there are optical and digital phono inputs that have a power switch at the upper left part of R1280DB. While on R1700BT, it has equal Connection yet dissimilar output cable, which you still to attach to a separate speaker since only one has power.

The R1700BT is composed of MDF and wood, and the R1280DB is composed of MDF. However, both speakers are really sleek and modern looking, and they certainly look like more ‘high-end’ speakers.


The two are almost the same when it comes to its features. Both of them come with a Bluetooth connectivity feature, which makes both a versatile alternative to avoid fussing with the cable, though there is still a need for you to power it.

The bluetooth feature allows for lossless quality, allowing it to connect to a variety of devices in the house.

There’s a small light indicator just below its control panel that will provide a blue light opposing the green line connection. Moreover, activating the Bluetooth feature can also be done using the remote for easy access.

If you utilize a line-level connector, control knobs can be found on the right side. Both models have this knob, and with bass that starts at -6Db to +6db for the tremble starts from -6db until =6db, as well as the volume knob.

Though it shows a different finish for both wherein it is more classic as well as plastic-ky for R1280. On the other hand, Edifier R1700BT is quite more modern because of the highlighted chrome.

The volume knob on the 1700BT is more sensitive, which means it can be adjusted in smaller increments, while the knob on the 1280DB is more resistant.

Moreover, for being versatile, both come with a practical remote control. It is capable of controlling the speakers as gentle as though you are sitting next to it.

As evident, both of these speakers don’t lack in features, which is a pleasant surprise given their price point.

Sound Quality

Moving further, the rate response for both speakers are bit different, for R1280DB is 54Hz-20KHz on the other hand, it is 60Hz-20kHz for R1700BT.

Both have a 4-inch woofer with a treble driver though a bit smaller on the 1280DB, which has a silk dome measuring 13mm, unlike in R1700BT, which has a silk dome measuring 19mm. Because of this, the R17900BT outputs slightly better high frequencies, but its nothing too noticeable.

Try to listen to a certain song, you will notice that there are definite sound warmth and depth with the upper bass and mid-range kept tamed, but it’s still bit tail-off at its top-end.

The Edifier R1700BT’s sound quality is exceptional. The bass has a nice punch to it and the treble sounds crisp without being tinny.

While the Edifier R1200DB’s sound quality is impressive. I think it offers a good balance of bass and treble, which I appreciate.

It must be said though, there is a lack of crispness when compared to some higher end speakers, like some you find here.

Things to Consider


The very first thing that one must consider in picking a speaker system is the size. You should know beforehand where you want to place it, and plan ahead for that. You don’t want to buy a speaker, wait for it to be delivered, only to find that it’s too big or too small!

The R1700BT’s dimensions are 254 mm (H): 154 mm (W): 214 mm (D).

The R1280DB’s dimensions are 146 mm (H): 234mm (W): 196 mm (D). 


If you’re looking for a real bassy speaker, these probably aren’t the ones for you. That is unless you choose to for a less expensive subwoofer to go along with these. The 4 inch bass driver in both of these speakers is enough for most people however.

The R2000DB has some great bass, here is a comparison between that and the R1700BT.


Another thing to consider the location of the speakers inside your setup. Preferably, you would be thinking to put it on head heights while you listen to it.

Also, consider allotting some space all over your speaker to permit proper airflow. This also stops music build-up as well as refracted sound.

Speaker placement is super important when it comes to speaker quality. If you have them too far away from any surface, their ability to project high-quality bass and treble diminishes greatly. They should also be placed very close together so that there are no gaps in between where music can escape through air leaks.


So which one should you choose, Edifier 1700BT or Edifier 1280DB?

The Edifier 1700BT is a better option if you prefer to listen with good midrange and clear treble. The sound quality of the speaker is more sophisticated because it has two tweeters, four midrange drivers, one woofer, and an acoustic lens that amplifies sound for all listening positions.

Meanwhile, the Edifier 1280DB does not have these features but still produces great audio through its six speakers. It also comes at a lower price point which may entice some consumers who do not want to pay too much for their speakers in the first place.

Yamaha is another great speaker brand, you can check out some similar speakers here. while listening to your favorite tunes! Finally, it’s worth noting that R1700BT comes in black at an additional cost as well as being front ported for easy placement on top of furniture.

Overall, the decision will come down to your personal taste, and budget. Between the two options, both are very similar, and you won’t go wrong with either choice.

The tweeter size in the R1700Bt is bigger, so there is a small benefit there. a bit expensive due to its tweeter size. Again, both are the perfect choice when it comes to sound quality, but if you are after some better highs, I recommend Edifier R1700BT.

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