Best Yamaha Bookshelf Speakers (Reviews)

Yamaha produces some of the most fantastic speakers on the market, and have done for many years now. With 1000’s of products and a huge amount of hours testing and designing features over the years, you are guaranteed a great experience when using their products.

We’ve spent many hours reviewing and testing to create this list of the best Yamaha bookshelf speakers on the market today. Lets get into it!

Top Pick: Yamaha NS-6490 Bookshelf Speakers

The Yamaha NS-6490 can provide you with a professional audio solution that can give you the highest satisfaction for your bookshelf speaker needs. With it, we have a 3-way set-up speaker that is composed of mid-range driver, high output woofer as well as balanced dome tweeter. Not only that, but the sleek design of it has a modern, unique touch that you know Yamaha spent a lot of tie on.

What We Like:

Design: This speaker is designed with home theatre use in mind. A magnetic shield that protects your television’s picture is in use here as it was complained about on a previous speaker. Kudos to Yamaha for this. A solid black cabinet houses a 7/8 inches tweeter for clean highs. With it, comes speaker terminals, which are gold plated and compatible with a banana plug. In addition to that, its 3-way acoustic suspension design ensures that you can have an elegant bookshelf speaker in your home. 

Audio: With this Yamaha bookshelf speaker, you can be satisfied with its excellent audio quality. Offering you a respectful frequency response range of 45Hz to 23kHz. Thanks to this, it can deliver you with a clean but crisp sound quality. Because its an impressive 3-way shelf speaker, you can expect a room-filling, rich and high-fidelity audio that will surely impress your friends. 

Quality: The Yamaha NS-6490 is crafted with superior quality for its maximum performance. With this speaker, you can enjoy a clean and beautiful sound for your home theater and other applications. It has 140W maximum input power and 70W nominal input power.

Balanced Dome Tweeter: It has a 7/8” balanced dome tweeter, 4” cone midrange driver and 8” cone woofer. With these features, you can have an excellent speaker for stereo or theater applications that produces a well balanced output of lows, mids and highs.

Flexibility: The Yamaha NS-6490 is a flexible bookshelf speaker that you can use for your home theater and any other stereo application. It is ideal for home entertainment and professional entertainment enthusiasts. 

What We Didn’t Like:

Needs breaking in: It will take a couple of dozen hours to ‘break-in’ this speaker. Not necessarily much of a con as it will get better with age, but could be a problem for someone looking for an out of box ready speaker.

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Yamaha NS-333 Bookshelf Speakers

Yamaha NS-333 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
Source: Amazon

The Yamaha NS-333 speaker is loaded with amazing features that can offer you with great performance. With its flexibility and durability, you can be ensured that you are getting a speaker worth your money.

What We Like:

Sound Quality: The Yamaha NS-333 bookshelf speaker that delivers a clean, crisp, and clear sound quality. It features a 5-inch polymer-injected mica diaphragm (PMD) cone woofer. Here’s Yamaha’s explanation of this:  The diaphragm is composed of 30% top-quality white Indian Pearl Mica, chosen for the amazing contribution it makes to sound quality. Extremely lightweight, it achieves good stiffness along with ideal internal loss and a high modulus of elasticity. In other words, it produces an excellent sound quality due to the advanced technology gone into it, and many users have left positive reviews confirming this.

Impressive Tweeter: One unique feature of this Yamaha powered speaker is its impressive tweeter. It has a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter on each speaker. The tweeter uses Yamaha’s exclusive waveguide horns that minimize reflected sound and boost the proportion of generated sound waves for better listening. 

Elegant Design: This Yamaha NS-333 speaker comes with an elegant grille design and cloth, which acts as an attractive acoustically transparent protective cover to the drivers. With its beautiful design, it can be a great display in your home. It has a black piano finish that can match your standards and requirements and also comes with a bass-reflex design that is ideal for surrounds and main channels. 

Monster Cable Internal Wiring: The speaker has monster cable internal wiring that helps to deliver excellent sound quality. With this component, you can have clear and clean signal from the speaker driver’s crossover network. Moreover, the speakers are magnetically shielded, so you can put it on a video or TV monitor without degrading the image. 

What We Didn’t Like:

Lows – To get the most out of this speaker, it is best paired with a subwoofer.

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Yamaha MusicCast NX-N500 Speaker

Yamaha MusicCast NX-N500 Speaker
Source: Amazon

If you want a more innovative speaker system for your home theater or any entertainment needs, the Yamaha MusicCast NX-N500 speaker system is for you. Especially if you are looking for something to sync with Alexa.

What We Like:

Wireless Music Streaming: An excellent feature about the Yamaha MusicCast NX-N500 speaker is that it allows you to enjoy wireless music streaming through Airplay and Bluetooth. This speaker is a perfect music lover, and it can support music streaming for Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM Internet Radio and Rhapsody. 

Alexa Compatibility: This speaker is compatible with the Alexa voice app for better control.

Audio Quality: This speaker can deliver you with excellent audio quality that offers a well balanced output of lows, mids and highs.

USB-DAC Function: The NX-N500 speaker comes with a high-performance USB-DAC function. Additionally, it also utilizes ASIO drivers for higher throughput and lower latency. 

Quality Performance: It has a bi-amp system with a 45-watt amplifier to the woofer. It has a 25-watt amplifier to its tweeter. With these analog amplifiers, you can receive expansive, clear and strong sound from each unit. Its 5-inch woofer has a thick waveguide for accurate and smooth high-frequency reproduction. 

Tweeter: It has a 1-inch dome tweeter that can handle 40 kHz high-bandwidth playback in reproducing rich audio information to high-resolution sound sources. 

ThreeWay Mitered-Joint: The speaker comes with a thick medium density fiberboard with high rigidity that can make uniform acoustic characteristics. 

What We Didn’t Like:

Volume: Some users also said that the Yamaha MusicCast NX-N500 speaker lacks in volume. We recommend you pair this speaker up with an AMP if this is an issue for you.


With this, we hope we made this buying experience much better for you. There is a nice variety of these Yamaha bookshelf speakers, so, we hope you can find one that fits your needs.

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