Best Infinity Car Speakers (Review)

There is nothing worse than having a poor set of speakers for your car. The difference between an excellent quality set (like infinity car speakers) and your generic, pre-installed speaker is night and day. Besides the obvious benefit of upgrading your sound quality, it’s one of the easiest components to install too.

After hours of researching and testing, we’ve compiled a list of the best infinity car speakers for you.

Infinity PR9613IS Review

Infinity PR9613IS
Source: Amazon

Perhaps a more budget-friendly car speaker is the Infinity Primus 6”x9”. Forget flabby bass and uninspired vocals. These speakers have crispy-cymbals and well-defined bass.

These are perfect for someone who is not fussed about the advanced features of the more expensive speakers.

But just want something that will do the job and do it on a budget without sacrificing too much quality. Sound like the one for you?

Edge-driven tweeters create a wider dispersion and smooth high-frequency response when dealing with mid-high frequencies. Something that older models and stock speakers struggle with.

Infinity’s own “true 4-ohm architecture is created with low impedance voice coils which give the amplifier room to deliver the best experience possible.

The great thing about these speakers is they are individually tuned to assure high-quality audio. Infinity speakers undergo mass amounts of testing to get them at their peak quality.

However, some users have reported that the sound distorts at high levels and it feels “cheap” in comparison to other models. For the price, it’s hard to beat if you are on a tight budget.

Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5″ Review

Infinity Kappa 62IX
Source: Amazon

Crisp, tight bass, clear mids, and highs. Is this what you’re looking for? The Infinity Kappa 62IX can offer you that. The large voice coil installed in these ensures you can play your music loud without limitation.

Installation is easy with this model as the user manual is very well written and clear for even the most beginner. The tweeter angle is adjustable which is great if they are mounted in the lower part of the door.

However, they do seem to be lacking something and would really see the benefit of an aftermarket amp. They’re an excellent option to upgrade your dull, worn-out factory speakers and you would really see the benefit of owning a product from the Kappa series.

You’re not necessarily breaking the bank with these too and they are often on sale, so keep an eye out.

Infinity Reference 6532IX Review

Infinity Reference 6532IX
Source: Amazon

For a long time now, the Infinity Reference series has become a customer favorite and is widely popular around the globe, and for good reason too. One of the main reasons these are so popular for replacing factory speakers is because of their competitive price and crisp sound. The plus One+ woofer cone that is part of the technology ensures a powerful sound for every mile along the way.  Because of the oversized cone, it creates an added punch to the speakers sublime performance.

A great feature of the reference 6532IX is that they can maintain a clear sound when played at high levels. Upgrades to the 1” edge-driven dome tweeter guarantees smoother, more vibrant highs without any distortion.

They are an easy install, but just be gentle with the speaker connections as they seem rather flimsy. Take your time and you won’t have any issues. Hooking up an amp to these will ensure you get the most out of them, but it’s certainly not a necessity with the upgrades in technology from previous models.

These speakers wouldn’t be the best if you’re a fan of hip-hop as they are lacking in the bass and lows. Overall, a great speaker at a fantastic price.

Infinity Kappa 64CFX 4x6″ Review

Infinity Kappa 64CFX 4x6"
Source: Amazon

Another product from the Kappa series, but for good reason. The Infinity Kappa 64CFX is designed for the enthusiastic audiophile.

With a newly refined design, Infinity’s famous proprietary technology and of course built with premium materials, together create an audio experience that is hard to compete with.

The technology in these speakers allows them to output sound from the lowest to the highest of frequencies. Certain songs can make the sound quite bright and some people have found it a bit too harsh for their ears. But this is down to personal preference.

Kappa’s glass fiber woofer creates a sound that is still punchy and has a defined bass, even when played at the highest of volumes.

Because of the glass fiber material, it’s a lot lighter than standard industry material. Meaning, you can power this speaker without using too much power. So take this into consideration when looking to use an amp with this.

Installation is a breeze for most people and should slot right in from where the stock speakers come out of in most cars. To make things easier for you, they also come with a mounting bracket.

Infinity Kappa 6-1/2 Review

Infinity Kappa 6-1/2” Component Speakers
Source: Amazon

These speakers are without a doubt the best value for money you can get with Infinity. If you are looking for something with overall great performance, these are the ones for you.

Over factory speakers, there is a noticeable difference in quality, especially the highs and mids.

The sound is clear, loud and almost transparent. It will make you feel like you’re at a concert and not on your daily commute to work.

The sound will stay detailed no matter what the volume you like to play your music at and the tweeter that comes with these allows you to direct the highs and gives you more control over how you want your speakers to sound.

Although these speakers sound great without an amp, to get the most out of them we recommend you get one with these. The bass is just lacking that kick that you want from a speaker.

Having an amp gives them that extra power and provides a smooth sound with little distortion at high volumes. Installation of these is easy compared to other speakers and you do not need separate speaker brackets. Infinity includes these for you.

A select few users have reported that the grill had come loose or detached altogether. These users are in the minority but it’s something to consider when purchasing this model.

All in all, these are a great alternative to those not wanting to bite the bullet for the more expensive Infinity Kappa Components, while still getting a premium product.

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Are Infinity car speakers good?

Over the years, Infinity has become a very popular brand for car speakers. With decades of experience in the market along with lots of research from dedicated audiophiles, they are a trustworthy source of high quality products.

Without a doubt, they are one of the best brand you can go with to upgrade your car speakers.


We hope we cleared up any questions you were having with regards to choosing your next car speaker. Infinity is one of the best brands you can choose so it’s hard to go wrong. Depending on your budget and audio needs, this list will surely help with the decision making.

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.

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