Best 6.5 Component Speakers Under $200

Driving can be quite tiring and cumbersome in the absence of music. Highlighting best why your component speakers must be in excellent condition. An otherwise tedious drive could be enjoyable with a soft, melodic sound playing from the dashboard. 

However, there are certain considerations to make in order to select the top speakers for your car. Often, it can be an overwhelming experience when choosing as there are so many options. Therefore, we have compiled this list of the best component speakers under $200.

Let’s get started!

Top Pick: Infinity 60CSX 6.5 Review

Infinity 60CSX 6.5 Component Speakers
Source: Amazon

Infinity has carved a remarkable image for itself in the technology market and the reason why is clear with these pair of speakers. Unlike many brands that rest on their past laurels to release poor products, Infinity does not relent in its pursuit of customer satisfaction. The Infinity 60CSX component speaker redefines the thresholds expected of car audio with its impressive specs. 

Infinity 60CSX poses a modern appearance, is produced from high-grade materials and benefits from the use of Infinity’s sophisticated technology. These promise great sound quality at all times. 


The Infinity 60CSX Component Speakers come in a modern looking design that helps to produce quality, refined sound. It comes having 2 tweeters, 2 woofers, and 2 external crossovers. These tweeters are soft-dome and are edge-driven, prompting a smoother sound play with little or no distortion when played at high volume. In addition to this, the tweeters are made from textiles, and the technology employed offers improved vocals and imaging.

The crossovers are of the same materials as the speakers too. The premium components used guarantee great sound clarity, thereby bringing forth all sound details. The speaker system can be mounted via two ways, namely the I-Mount Tweeter Mounting system, and the Starfish Mounting Bracket.

Deeper Bass Level

The Infinity 60CSX’s Plus one woofer cone is produced from glass fiber that ensures a deep, powerful bass level even when there’s cranky power voltage. Speaking of power, the fiberglass technology does not require high consumption to function, setting it apart from the traditional wooden materials.

The woofer spreads to the extreme of the speaker’s basket too, creating more surface area as well as a better bass option. To guarantee better bass, the woofer is surrounded with a texture hi-roll.

Other Features

3-way Upgrade: The Infinity 60CSX speakers come as a 2-way, but it can be upgraded into a 3-way with the use of the band pass crossover through the gap provisions in the crossovers.

3-year Warranty: The Infinity 60CSX speakers come with a solid warranty of three years. For three years after purchase, any natural damage to the parts will be repaired for free.

Should You Buy the Infinity 60CSX speakers?

The Infinity 60CSX component speakers are a steal at such a low price. They offer all expected qualities of a component speaker and even exceed expectations. Because of this, these are one of the best 6.5 component speakers $200 that you can get today.

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Infinity Reference 6530CX Review

Infinity Reference 6530CX 6.5 Component Speakers
Source: Amazon

The Infinity brand proves its superiority once again with the Reference component speakers series. These speakers are capable replacements for a car factory audio system because of the affordable price and outstanding sound quality. The 6530CX is the top of the picks when it comes to efficiency merged with class. Because of this, it is the pioneer of its series, and it does lay strong precedencies for yet to be released models.


Infinity Reference 6530CX has a classy design that combines elegance with functionality. The parts and materials used in the speakers are of premium quality and are expertly assembled to make for a very fine appearance.

The tweeters are edge-driven and textile dome, putting together these features to create a very solid sound quality. This combination enhances the distinctive function of the speakers, helping to distinguish each component or instrument put into the music production.

The tweeters come in separate 3/4 domes, thereby helping to create exceptional clarity and imaging in sound quality. The texture used in the production of the tweeters makes them produce smooth, acute highs with commendable precision.

The woofers meanwhile are produced from polypropylene, a material that enhances the filtering effects of the woofers, thereby creating highly impressive bass levels. The woofers use the Plus one technology and are surrounded by hi-roll rubber, a feature that makes fantastic upgrades in the soundstage quality.

The increased size of the woofers can only depict one thing: a reverberating, booming bass level for all sound categories. Remember, the bigger the woofers, the deeper the bass.

Other Features

Power Stability: The Infinity Reference 6530CX runs on a 3-ohms system, qualifying it for a flagship component speaker despite its mid-range budget. The speakers can be recharged with RMS Power up to 90 watts; a nice feature, given that it makes the speakers suitable with a wide range of power options.

They work great with an aftermath stereo, factory radio and are also suited for use with an external amplifier.

Warranty: The Infinity Reference 6530CX offers a full year warranty on parts that suffered natural spoilage or damage. In addition to that, there’s a cash refund guarantee that lasts for 60 days after your purchase in case of any complaints.

Should I Buy the Infinity Reference 6530CX?

The Infinity Reference 6530CX offers great value for its money. There is excellent soundstage as well as improved bass performance. Highs are projected in smooth, hitch-free quality too. However, the downside would be the 2-way design that can’t be upgraded to the 3-way. Overall, this is a fantastic speaker that would suit the needs of most people.

Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5 Review

Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5 Component Speakers
Source: Amazon

Infinity comes through on this model once more. As mentioned earlier, the brand is consistent in its production of efficient, outstanding products. The Kappa 62IX is an upgrade on the Infinity Kappa 62.11i. These 6.5 component speakers are largely similar to the Kappa 60CSX model, with barely any difference save for the appearance and tweeter configuration. 


Infinity Kappa 62IX has a sharp, creative design that differentiates it from other models in the Kappa series. The tweeter is soft dome and edge-driven, combining these two features to optimize sound quality. As mentioned, the tweeter is the striking factor between Kappa 62IX and other releases. The tweeter has a uni-pivot design that is efficient in imaging.

They can be said to be rotational, making it possible to adjust them and direct either in different positions, even as far as 45 degrees. There is a controller on each tweeter too to set the desired sharpness or the sound volume.

As per the woofer, Infinity Kappa 62IX does not really differ. The woofer is produced from glass fiber and surrounded by a hi-roll rubber. This gives a very deep level of bass while playing.

Furthermore, the woofer uses the Plus one technology that increases the available surface area despite having the same size as other speakers. This is only possible through the extension of the woofer across the speaker. Apart from the fancy appearance this setting possesses, there is an improved soundstage range because the bigger the woofer, the deeper the bass. 

Minimal Power Usage

The woofer of the Kappa 62IX is made from fiberglass, a more energy-conserving material than the former traditional inputs available. This feature helps these Kappa speakers minimize their usage of electricity, hence enabling excellent performance even when the power voltage is barely enough. 

Furthermore, the speakers are of low impedance, meaning that they maximize the power supply available by the effective extraction of watts. Also, the speakers are powered by 2.5-ohm batteries that are very sensitive and, hence, easy to recharge. They can be powered with the use of an aftermarket stereo or factory radio.

Should You Buy the Kappa 62IX?

There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t buy the Infinity Kappa 62IX. The soundstage shows great improvement on the previous models, the design is top-notch, effectively combining efficiency with comfort.

The tweeters are unique too, making it possible to enjoy the sound without barriers. And the woofers can’t be ignored: wider, deeper bass to make for a longer-range, remarkably resonant soundstage.

Alpine Coaxial RS 6.5 Review

Alpine Coaxial RS 6.5 Component Speakers
Source: Amazon

Alpine has a reputation for producing great speakers and they don’t disappoint in this release. The RS65 2-way component speakers were created specifically for those who enjoy vibrating walls and loud volumes: those who like to turn it up.

If we were discussing party speakers, the Alpine RS65 would be the loudest fellow out there. The speakers are produced from high-quality materials that ensure flawless delivery even at the highest sound volume.


The Alpine Rs65 speakers are basic in design, with the brand choosing to sacrifice aesthetics for effectiveness.

The tweeter is produced from a 1-inch swiveling silk dome, making it aptly capable of delivering sound over a remarkably long distance. The silk dome is a nice upgrade from older materials, consequently offering better sound quality than any other components speaker in its price range.

The silky material contributes to an impressive playing quality devoid of any glitch or cracks. The swiveling design makes the speakers adjustable to several angles too, making them very efficient in your vehicle, regardless of how they are mounted. This helps to improve the clarity of sound too, making the speakers recommendable for all types of music. Lastly, the tweeters come with an EQ-ring that banishes sound distortions.


The woofer is where the Alpine RS65 really stands out. The woofer is produced from hybrid fiber surrounded by rubber. The woofers have multi-layers that are very useful in expelling air, thereby creating an excellent soundstage. The rubber surrounds help to increase the woofer’s durability and linearity.

Other Features:

HAMR Surround: The Alpine RS65 is a type-R speaker that uses the exclusive multi-roll HAMR surround to control, maintain and stabilize sound at high volume levels. This unique surround merges long linear cone excursion with an increased cone area for a deeper bass level.

Should I Buy the Alpine Rs65 speakers?

The tweeters are made from high-class material and so are the woofers. There is the exclusive HAMR surround, neodymium magnet for a smaller dimension that makes installation easier and a HD polymer frame that makes the speakers stronger than normal. The RS65 is a great choice, no doubt.

JBL GTO629 Review

JBL GTO629 6.5 Component Speakers

JBL has been around for a while, and for good reason too. With the use of hi-fi technology, JBL takes the standards a notch higher with this release. Hi-Fi provides awesome sound play quality. What’s more commendable about this product however is its relatively inexpensive price.


The JBL GTO629 has an appealing design that combines fashion with efficiency. The tweeter dome is edge-driven, and produced from silk, seemingly combining the best features of other component speakers in its unique invention.

The resultant effect is, of course, massive: the soundstage is easily outstanding, reaching over a wider and longer range. The silk dome is particularly meant for better highs. That aside, the tweeters can be tweaked to your preference, making them useful in any car setting.

The woofer employs the exclusive Plus One cone design reserved for only JLB products. This unique design helps to expand the cone’s sound range, hence creating an encouraging low-frequency response. The woofers are great for a deeper level of bass sound.

Other Features:

Power Stability: The JBL GTO629 speakers run on 3-ohms and can draw more power from your car’s stereo for an increase in volume. If you’re interested in turning things up, they can take up to 180 watts peak power from an amplifier, a highly remarkable feature. 

Should I Buy The JBL GTO629 speakers?

The specifications offered by the JBL GTO629 component speakers are rare in other speakers of the same price range. First, there’s Hi-Fi technology, the tweeters are adjustable, and the woofers use the unique JBL Plus One Tech to amplify sound brilliantly. What then could be your reason not to buy? 


Above are the best 6.5 component speakers you can purchase below $200. These speakers offer features that are far higher than their costs. To guarantee their quality too, they come with warranties. We hope this helps you to select the ideal component speakers for your car.

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